Capital Improvement Project: MKT Bridge #12 and #13 Replacement

Funding Fiscal Year: 2008*
Project Number: C00034
Project Budget: $507,000**
Funding Source: $95, 549 RTP Grant
$51,451 Prior Year Appropriation
$360,000 Park Sales Tax
Year Completed: 2010 – Bridge Replacements
2014 – Bridge #12 HIstorical Display

* Mid year appropriation
** Original budget – $147,000; Budget was increased by $360,000 after engineering cost estimates were completed.

Project Description: Replace MKT bridges 12 and 13.

Project Manager(s):

  • Bridges: Steve Saitta, Superintendent of Planning and Development
  • Historical Signage: Ryan Atkinson

Council Items

MKT Map with Bridge Locations (B12 & B13)

Project Notes: Council approved a fund transfer to increase the project budget in line with the engineering estimates on June 15, 2009. The Parks and Recreation Department reported to Council regarding the scope of tree removal needed for the project at the September 21, 2009 Council Meeting. The Council requested more information regarding the possibility of renovating instead of replacing Bridge #12. The Department provided additional information at the October 5, 2009 Council Meeting and scheduled a meeting on site for interested Council members. An on-site meeting was conducted on October 9, 2009. The Council gave approval to move forward on the project at the October 19, 2009 Council Meeting. Work began in January 2010.

Project Status: Completed replacement of both trail bridges. Park staff completed resurfacing the trail between Bridge #12 and #13. The MKT Trail reopened to traffic on July 30, 2010. Park staff and TreeKeeper volunteers planted 140 trees. Item to complete: Bridge #12 historical display.

Major Vendors
** Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
E Cook, Flat & Strobel Eng. Engineering services 082876 $55,200
C Harry H Houf & Sons Contractor Bridge replacement work 102111 $406,905
E Terracon Consultants Concrete testing for Bridge #12 102686 $3,459
E Terracon Consultants Concrete testing for Bridge #13 102380 $1,499
C Richardson Excavation Grade/repair trail 061255 $1,919*
M Boone Quarries Rock 101938 $13,181*
M Water & Sewer Drainage pipe 102884 $2,990

* Amount for this project only; purchase order is for term and supply contract 
** E = engineering/consulting, C = contract work; M = materials only

Replacement Bridge #12
(Photo taken 7-6-10)
Replacement Bridge #13
(Photo taken 8-12-10)
Bridge #12 Historical Display
(Photo taken 1-13-15)
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, Hinkson Creek Bridge No. 12 Columbia Subdivision, 1899-1977
Educational Sign on Display (click for enlargement)
Condition of MKT Bridge #12 Before Replacement
Condition of MKT Bridge #13 Before Replacement


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