Capital Improvement Project: Longview Park Development

Funding Fiscal Year: 2004
Project Number: C00185
Project Budget: $124,000
Funding Source: $89,000 – 1999 1/4 Cent Sales Tax
$35,000 – Force Account Labor
Project Completed: 2008

Note: Listed in CIP as “Gillespie Bridge Road Neighborhood Park Development”

Council Items


Project Description: 
Develop 11.3 acre site (formerly part of the City sewage treatment plant property) into a neighborhood park. Amenities include a small shelter, concrete half basketball court, gravel trail, pond, playground, sidewalks, and open play field. Development entails moving the dam to the south, moving the water off of private property, to facilitate a lake trail on park property. Earthwork for trail, pond, and playfields; basketball court construction; and playground installation contracted. Finish trail work, shelter construction, sidewalk construction, and landscaping accomplished with park force account labor. 

Project Notes: 
This project was delayed in getting underway due to adjacent lot issue problems. For example, the access to the park off of Lisa Lorane Drive bisected one lot, which put park users directly behind neighbors’ decks and porches. Another home was built at the very end of their lot, which put the park boundary line approximately twelve inches from their deck. The existing configuration of the pond put the north end of it on private property, which would have prevented public access around the pond. Park staff worked with neighbors to rectify some of the lot problems, so that the park development project could proceed.

Project Status: 
Project completed. Park dedication was held June 14, 2008.


Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Richardson Excavation Earthwork 061255 $31,778*
Boone Quarry Rock 062414 & 072093 $21,257*
Karrenbrock Const Concrete Basketball Court 072053 $9,613.50**
Playpower Lt. Playground & Installation 072606 $20,190.21

* Term & supply contract
**Amount for this project only; part of larger contract


Longview Park property before park development
Pond with lake trail constructed around it
(Private property in foreground)
Newly constructed basketball court
Park crews constructing shelter
with playground in the background
(Photo taken September 2007)
Longview Park completed
(Photo taken June 2008)
Ribbon cutting at park dedication
(Held on June 14, 2008)


Longview Park

Longview Park History and Dedication

Capital Improvement Program