Capital Improvement Project: Lange Park Development

Funding Fiscal Year: 2010
Project Number: C00446
Project Budget: $145,000
Funding Source: $110,000 – Park Sales Tax
$35,000 – Force Account Labor
Year Completed: 2011

Project Description: Execute a cooperative property use agreement with Columbia Public Schools and develop a neighborhood park and 400-meter track on Lange Middle School property. 

Project Manager: Toney Lowery, Sr. Park Planner, 573-874-7537, toney.lowery@como.govcreate new email

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Council Items

Interested Parties Meetings: Staff met with representatives of Columbia Public Schools on November 5, 2009 at Lange Middle School regarding concepts for the park master plan. The public meeting was held from 6:00-7:00pm, Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at Lange Middle School, 2201 Smiley Lane with 15 people in attendance.

Project Notes: Staff met with school representatives to determine the park boundaries and a co-op use agreement was drafted. A public hearing on the proposed park development was held and the project and co-op agreement was approved at the April 5, 2010 Council Meeting.

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors
** Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
C Gametime Playground & installation 103347 $21,485
M Ahrens Steel Shelter steel beams 103504 $1,786
C JC Landscaping Seeding and silt fence installation 103382 $5,854
M Meeks Lumber Shelter lumber and roofing materials 103604 $3,413
C Richardson Excavation Grading and track construction 061255 $12,029
M Boone Quarries Rock (track construction) 103856 $18,966
M AB Creative Swing set 110894 $2,760

** C = contract work; M = materials only
(vendor list last updated: end of project)

Lange Park site pre-development
Park crew constructing sidewalk
Completed 400 meter track at Lange Middle School
Open to the public meeting during non-school hours
(Photo taken 8/12/10)
Completed park playground
(Photo taken 6/21/11)
Completed park shelter
(Photo taken 6/21/11)


Lange Park

Capital Improvement Program