Capital Improvement Project: Jay Dix Station Development

Funding Fiscal Year: 2013
Project Number: C00516
Project Budget: $125,000
Funding Source: Park Sales Tax
Year Completed: 2015

Project Description:
 Construction of a neighborhood park at the County-owned Jay Dix Station – trailhead for the MKT Trail.

Project Manager: Ryan Atkinson

Council Items


Interested Parties Meeting: Held 5-7pm on Thursday, September 27 at Jay Dix Station, 3725 S. Scott Boulevard.

Project Notes: The 30-acre parcel known Jay Dix Station is owned by the County of Boone, Missouri. In 2009 The City of Columbia and Boone County entered into a Park Operation and Management Agreement, whereby the City would take over the responsibility of developing and maintaining a park at Jay Dix Station for the benefit of Boone County residents, with the exception of the existing Boone County MKT Trail, which remains under the jurisdiction of the County.

The project was approved by the City Council at the November 19, 2012 Council Meeting. The plan was revised in part due to the Scott Blvd. road project, and a revised master plan was approved at the June 17, 2013 Council Meeting. The annexation of the park property was approved at the August 19, 2013 Council Meeting.

Project Status: Park development completed and a park dedication was held on May 3, 2015.  Remaining project funds were used to purchase a caboose in 2018.  Staff is working to obtain additional funding through grants or donations to renovate the caboose so it can be displayed at the park.  

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
P Timberlake Engineering Engineering Services 141053 $1,440
M All Inclusive Rec Outdoor fitness equipment 131344 $13,912
C Playpower Playground and installation 132066 $32,105
M American Ramp Co. Mountain bike course fixtures 132726 $26,964
M All Inclusive Rec Pre-fab shelter 132743 $20,610
C JC Landscaping Silt fence 103382 $2,660
M Central Concrete Concrete 103720 $6,063
C Richardson Construction Excavation 111103 $6,340
C Adair Construction Concrete 132073 $10,746

** C=Contract Work; P=Professional Services; M=Materials Only

New train-theme playground at Jay Dix Station
Exercise stations
Mountain Bike Course
Basketball Court

Jay Dix Station

Capital Improvement Program