Capital Improvement Project: Hominy Creek Trail Phase I

Funding Fiscal Year: 2007 – $75,000
2008 – $750,000 (includes STP Grant)
2009 – $550,000
2010 – $445,000
Project Number: C00282
Project Budget: $1,820,000
Funding Source(s): $1,320,000 – Park Sales Tax
$500,000 – STP Enhancement Grant
Year Completed:  2013 – Hominy Creek Trail Development
2015 – Timberhill Connector


Project Description: Construction of Hominy Branch Trail from Stephens Lake Park (Green Valley Drive) to Woodridge Park (Lansing Drive) – approximately 1.2 miles. Funding is over four years. This project also funded the construction of the Timberhill Connector.

Project Manager: Ryan Atkinson

Council Items

Proposed Plans (old)opens IMAGE file
Completed Trail Mapopens PDF file

Project Notes: Residents of the Timberhill neighborhood requested a connector be constructed to connect the Timberhill neighborhood to the Hominy Creek Trail. This 410′ concrete trail was funded by the project fund balance. (See Timberhill Connector planopens PDF file .) (See related newspaper article)

Related Item: Hominy Creek Trail – Phase II (East) project from Woodridge to Clark Lane is administered by GetAbout Columbia. Phase II Council Items

Project Status: Trail development project completed. Residents of the Timberhill neighborhood requested a connector be constructed from the neighborhood to the Hominy Trail. This connector project will be funded with the project fund balance.

Major Vendors
** Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
P Allstate Consultants  Trail Alignment Study 071801 $40,000
P HDR Engineering  Engineering Services 092276 $109,283
C JC Industries Trail Construction  121164 $1,169,260

** P=Professional Services; C=Contract Services 

Culvert installation
(Photo taken 7-9-12)
Retaining wall #1 construction
(Photo taken 8-3-12)
Bridge #1 construction (Photo taken 8-7-12)
Photo of Hominy Creek Trail construction (Photo taken 8-15-12)
Completed portion of Hominy Creek Trail (Photo taken 10-11-12)
Completed Hominy Creek Trail (Photo taken 10-11-13)
Photo of Hominy Creek Trail under Hwy. 63 (Photo taken 10-11-13)

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    Columbia Missourian – January 22, 2015

Hominy Creek Trail

Capital Improvement Program