Capital Improvement Project: Grindstone Creek Trail Development

Grindstone Nature area to Maguire Blvd.

Funding Fiscal Year : FY 2011: $350,000*
FY 2012: $1,220,000
FY 2015: $40,000**
Project Number: C00472
Project Budget: $1,610,000
Funding Source(s): $1,570,000 – Park Sales Tax 
$40,000 – MO Dept. of Conservation
Year Completed: 2016

* FY 2011 mid-year appropriation from 2010 Park Sales Tax ballot.
** FY 2015 mid-year appropriation from MDC contribution

Project Description: New trail development from Grindstone Nature Area to the confluence of the north and south forks of Grindstone Creek, then to Maguire Blvd.

Project Manager: Mike Snyder, Superintendent of Planning & Development, 573-874-7203, mike.snyder@como.govcreate new email

Council Items:

Project Notes: The Missouri Department of Conservation contributed $40,000 toward the construction of the trail portion that is on the Waters Moss Memorial Wildlife Area, as per a Memorandum of Understanding between MDC and the City of Columbia.

Proposed Plans and Alignment Study:

Interested Parties Meetings and Public Input:

  1. A meeting was held with members of the Eastpointe Homeowner’s Association (EHA) at Miller’s Imaging on April 27, 2011.

  2. A public Interested Parties (I.P.) Meeting was held August 30, 2012, 7-9pm, at 2104 Hillcrest Drive (house at the top of the hill at end of the drive), Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area. [Press Release]

  3. Anyone that was not able to attend the August 30, 2012 I.P. Meeting had opportunity to fill out an on-line comment form that was available 8/31/2012 – 9/17/2012.

  4. An Interested Parties Meeting was held July 17, 5-7pm, at the ARC. Documents displayed at the meeting are available on-line.

  5. An on-line comment form was posted for those who were unable to attend the July 17, 2013 Interested Parties Meeting. The on-line comment form was available from July 17 – July 24, 2013.

People walking on concrete trail

Bicyclists under bridge on concrete trail


Project Status and Updates:

  • April 15, 2016 Update: Project complete and a trail dedication ceremony has been sheduled for April 28, 2016.
  • November 19, 2015 Update: Trail is complete and in service. Remaining work includes neighborhood trail connectors.
  • October 12, 2015 Update: Approximately 7,000 linear feel of trail and bridges have been completed. The contractor is working to seed and place straw on sections of the trail as completed.
  • September 14, 2015 Update: Approximately 5,000 linear feet of trail and bridges has been completed.
  • June 17, 2015 Update: All bridges and approaches are complete. Contractor to seed and straw as weather allows. Contractor has installed trail around the Grindstone Nature Area parking lot and approximatly 200′ after bridge 1.
  • April 7, 2015 Update: Work on bridge 1 and bridge 5 has been completed. The contractor has begun working on bridge 2 and bridge 4.
  • March 12, 2015 Update: Work has begun on bridge 1 and 5. The contractor has pounded piles for both bridges and are forming and pouring the concrete end walls.
  • February 16, 2015 update: Work has begun on bridge 1 near old 63.
  • December 16, 2014 update: Easement acquisition ongoing.
  • November 14, 2014 update: Bridges awarded to Boone Construction.
  • October 24, 2014 update: Bids for the construction were received and the award is pending.
  • August 18, 2014 update: Bridge bid has been issued. Easement acquisition is underway.
  • May 5, 2014 update: Council approved the acquistion of the trail easements on April 21, 2014. Engineers continue working on bridge design.
  • February 17, 2014 update: Design is completed with the exception of the bridges. Estimated completion time for bridge design is the end of March 2014.
  • November 19, 2013 update: Engineers are working on the final design.
  • August 20, 2013 update: After holding the public hearing, the City Council approved the project with a 6-1 vote at the August 19, 2013 Council Meeting. Staff will continue with the planning and scheduling of the project.
  • August 19, 2013 update: A public hearing for the is scheduled at the August 19, 2013 Council Meeting. An ordinance to proceed with the project is also scheduled for Council vote.
  • July 18, 2013 update: An interested parties meeting was held at the ARC on July 17, 2013. About 75 people were in attendance. Parks and Recreation staff and an engineer from Allstate Consultants were available to discuss the recommended bridge types and locations that were determined after the recent survey work and hydrological studies conducted by Allstate. Parks & Recreation and Allstate staff were on hand to answer any technical questions related to the Grindstone Trail project, including but not limited to hydrology, bridge design, tree removal, and alternates to connect the neighborhood associations to the trail. Information and opportunity for discussion was also available regarding the remaining GetAbout projects. An on-line comment form was posted July 17-July 24, 2013 to give those who were unable to attend the meeting an opportunity to comment on the proposed project.
  • July 8, 2013 update: On Friday, May 17, from approximately 1:00-4:30pm, numerous residents, Councilpersons Barbara Hoppe and Karl Skala, John Holmes and Brian Harrington from Allstate Consultants, former Mayor Darwin Hindman, and Parks & Recreation staff members Mike Griggs, Gabe Huffington, Mike Snyder, Brett O’Brien, and Janet Godon all met and walked several sections of the Grindstone Trail. The end result of this meeting was that Allstate Consultants would conduct additional survey work and further hydrological studies to determine type and exact location of bridges. The goal is to determine whether the preferred low water bridges will work or if elevated clear span bridges are required. 
    This process is now completed, and staff has scheduled an interested party meeting on Wednesday, July 17, from 5:00-7:00pm at the Activity & Recreation Center (ARC). 
    This will be a drop-in meeting where staff and engineers will be available to discuss actual bridge locations and be available to answer any technical Grindstone Trail questions that came up during our last walk of the site, including but not limited to hydrology, bridge design, tree removal, and alternates to connect the neighborhood associations to the trail.

    Parks and Recreation staff will also be available to discuss the remaining GetAbout projects.
  • April 24, 2013 update: On Tuesday, April 23, Councilperson Barbara Hoppe and P&R Director Mike Griggs attended the East Pointe Homeowners Association’s annual meeting. Several questions were asked about the status of the Grindstone Creek Trail, and it appears the plans are to have another interested parties meeting sometime in May, so that the Grindstone Creek Trail and the remaining nine GetAbout projects could be discussed at the same time.   It is likely the Grindstone Trail project will be sent to Council for a public hearing sometime later this summer, possibly at a July meeting. Once these dates are established they will be sent out via the list serve and posted on the website. 
    Some of the neighbors asked about paint marks on trees along the Waters-Moss property. Those were not placed on the trees by either park staff or representatives from Allstate Consulting.  In fact, we don’t know who is responsible, so we will continue to monitor the trees and check with other departments or agencies.  
  • April 15, 2013 update: A report to Councilopens PDF file  regarding the Grindstone Creek Trail Development project is on the April 15, 2013 Council Agenda. Staff is seeking Council direction to schedule a public hearing for the project.
  • January 29, 2013 update: The City Council held a work session on January 22, 2013 for the Grindstone Creek Trail Development project. Parks and Recreation staff gave a presentationopens PDF file  of what has transpired to date and the options available to the Council. Staff will prepare a report to Council formally documenting the Commission responses, identifying Council options, and recommending that a public hearing be scheduled.
  • November 16, 2012 update: The Parks and Recreation Commission met on Wed, Nov. 14. At this meeting, Mr. John Holmes from Allstate Consultants made the below presentation regarding the possibility of an alternate trail route that would bypass individual properties. This alternate route keeps the trail on either City or homeowner association common land thus avoiding the use of condemnation on individual private property. Following the presentation, the Commission opened the meeting for additional public comment. The Commission voted 4-3 to support 100% funding for the Grindstone Creek Trail project using the consultants preferred route or the alternate route. The three opposition votes supported partial funding of the Grindstone Creek Trail which would provide a connection from the Waters-Moss property to the Grindstone Nature Area. Once this connection was complete, remaining funds would be deferred to the GetAbout projects.
  • November 5, 2012 update: The Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission submitted a reportopens PDF file to Council on November 5, 2012 regarding the Grindstone Trail Project. They voted unanimously (8-0) at their October 19, 2012 meeting to keep the funding for the Grindstone Trail Project and not defer these funds to other projects.
  • October 31, 2012 update: The Parks and Recreation Commission heard a staff report on the proposed GetAbout Trail projects and opened the meeting to public comment. Following the public input session and Commission discussion, the Commission tabled the Grindstone Trail fund deferral issue in order for the consultants to evaluate the possibility of an alternate route. Their next meeting is scheduled November 14.
  • October 19, 2012 update: The City Council originally referred the project to the Parks and Recreation Commission for their input. However, now the Council is seeking feedback on deferring the Grindstone Trail project funds toward other trail and pedway projects. The Parks and Recreation will consider those projects at their October 25 meeting at the ARC.
  • September 18, 2012 update: An on-line comment form was made available 8/31/2012 – 9/17/2012 so those that were not able to attend the I.P. meeting would have opportunity to give their input on the trail project.
  • August 31, 2012 update: A Interested Parties meeting was held August 30, 2012. Over 60 people from the community came, along with five Parks and Recreation staff members and two representatives from Allstate Consultants. Attendees were given opportunity to fill out a comment form regarding the proposed trail route. A summary of the meeting and the public comments submitted were posted on the web. Parks and Recreation staff also posted an on-line comment form from 8/31/12 to 9/17/12 to provide an opportunity to offer input for those who were unable to attend the meeting.
  • August 17, 2012 update: As directed by Council at the July 16, 2012 Council Meeting, staff has scheduled an interested parties meeting on August 30, 2012, 7-9pm, at 2104 Hillcrest Drive, Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area, to invite the public to give input on the proposed route generated from the trail alignment study.
  • July 27, 2012 update: Staff submitted a reportopens PDF file  to Council and Council approved proceeding with the public input process at the July 16, 2012 Council Meeting. Staff will be scheduling the following: 1) Interested Parties Meeting, 2) Review by Missouri Department of Conservation, 3) Referral of the final reportopens PDF file  to the Park and Recreation Commission, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission, and the Disabilities Commission.
  • April 27, 2012 update: A report including the Phase 1 Alignment Studyopens PDF file  prepared by Allstate Consultants was submitted on the April 2, 2012 Council Agenda. Council Representative Barbara Hoppe suggested a process that would provide the neighbors a couple weeks to a month to provide a proposed adjustment to the alternative before meeting with East Point Neighborhood Association or an interested parties meeting was scheduled.
  • March 30, 2012 update: Staff has reviewed the Phase 1 Alignment Studyopens PDF file  prepared by Allstate Consultants and has sent the study along with a report to the City Council, which appears on the April 2, 2012 Council Agenda.
  • January 19, 2012 update: Allstate Constultants has submitted a preliminary report on the route options. Report is under review by park staff.
  • November 15, 2011 update: The trail alignment selection process is proceeding with three potential alignments being considered for the portion west of Highway 63 and two potential alignments being considered to the east of Highway 63. Allstate Consultants LLC, the engineering firm selected to complete the trail alignment selection and the trail design has met with some interested parties and with Council Woman Hoppe to discuss potential alignments and criteria for comparing alignments. Allstate Consultants is in the process of evaluating the alignments and writing a report describing the alignment evaluation process. The report will include discussion of the criteria used and the engineer’s recommended alignment. The report will be forwarded to City Council and the public for comment. At least one public meeting will be scheduled prior to final selection of an alignment.
  • October 24, 2011 update: Surveyors have begun setting survey control points and locating existing control points around the various neighborhoods on both sides of the Creek to develop an accurate base map for the potential trail alignments.
  • September 30, 2011 update: Allstate personnel will be in the field during the week of Sept 26-30 to look at options for alternative trail routes and to gather site analysis information. 
  • September 23, 2011 update: An engineering contract with Allstate Consultants for the planning and design of the trail was approved at the August 15, 2011 Council Meeting and has been executed.
  • July 7, 2011 update: Currently working to secure an engineering contract with a local consulting firm to design the project.
  • April 27, 2011 update: Initial trail route planning is underway. On April 26, 2011 park staff Mike Hood & Mike Griggs and Council person Barbara Hoppe met with approximately 41 residents of the Eastpointe Homeowner’s Association (EHA) at Miller’s Imaging. After a brief EHA meeting, staff presented the below PowerPoint.

    Action items of April 26 meeting included the establishment of a webmail/listserve service as a method to communicate with residents (completed April 28, 2011). Park staff agreed to walk the trail route with interested residents, but it was thought that it might be more productive to wait until an engineering firm was hired to assist with specific bridge locations. However, park planners are available as needed should anyone want to walk the route before June. Just contact Project Manager Mike Snyder to make the arrangements. Detailed minutes of this meeting were also taken by the EHA secretary.

  • April 22, 2011: A request for proposal (RFP)opens PDF file  has been issued which will provide park planners with engineering and cost estimating assistance regarding any proposed trail routes. Deadline for responses is May 20, 2011, 12:00 noon.
  • April 20, 2011: Ward 6 Council person Barbara Hoppe, park staff Steve Saitta, Mike Hood, & Mike Snyder, Eastpointe Homeowner’s Assoc President and several Bluff Pointe Drive residents walked an alternate trail route for the Grindstone Trail. Staff agreed to evaluate the proposed route as suggested by an EHA resident who’s property is directly impacted by a potential bridge.
  • April 7, 2011: Park planner Steve Saitta and Public Works Engineer Ted Curtis walked the creek route and evaluated potential neighborhood connections. During this preliminary walk, contact was made with the Eastpointe Homeowner’s Assoc President and residents located adjacent to the Grindstone Creek. Action item included the scheduling of a future meeting with EHA residents, park staff and Councilperson Hoppe.
  • December 3, 2010: Park staff Mike Hood, Mike Griggs, Steve Saitta and Mike Snyder walked the Grindstone Creek to evaluate various trail route options as proposed by park planners during earlier visits to the site. Staff started at the Grindstone Nature Area and walked to Maguire Blvd. Staff walked several alternate routes during this trip. Action items on this and subsequent topographic review meetings, included the preparation of the proposed “Preliminary Grindstone Creek Trail Plan” for further review by City planners and residents.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
E Allstate Consultants Engineering Services 112595 $250,000
C Boone Construction Bridges 151068 $956,819
C Tom Adair Construction Concrete Trail 132073 $271,977
M Columbia Ready Mix Concrete 103721 $1,222
C Richardson Excavation Grading 141688 $7,299
M Boone Quarries Rock 151186 $27,956
M Ri-Mor Topsoil Topsoil and Mulch 151416 & 152062 $2,215
C Cooke Concrete Backfill, Seed and Straw 151727 $10,904
M Water & Sewer Supply Materials 152247 $5,763

** E = Engineering/Architect Services; C = Contract Work


Grindstone Creek Trail

Capital Improvement Program