Capital Improvement Project: Garth Nature Area Parking Lot Expansion

Funding Fiscal Year: 2008/2009
Project Budget: $48,290
Funding Source:

$20,000 – 08 Annual Roads and Parking (Park Sales Tax) 
$28,290 – 09 Annual Roads and Parking (Park Sales Tax)

Project Completed: 2009


Council Items

Project Description: Expand parking lot to add 22 parking spaces. Grading and gravel to be accomplished in late summer (2008), with 2008 funds. Asphalt paving, walkways, curbing, and landscaping to be accomplished in Fiscal Year 2009, with 2009 funds. Project will be a combination of contract and force account labor.

Project Status: Project completed.

Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Frech Paving Asphalt lot 082157 $13,105*

*Amount is for this project only; part of a larger contract


Garth parking lot expansion area – graded and rocked
(Photo taken August 2008)
Garth parking lot expansion area – asphalt work completed
(Photo taken December 2008)
Newly constructed sidewalk connecting parking lot to trail
(Photo taken April 2009)
Completed parking lot expansion with curbing and striping
(Photo taken April 2009)


Garth Nature Area

Capital Improvement Program