Capital Improvement Project: Garth Nature Area Improvements

Funding Fiscal Year: 2006
Project Number: C00243
Project Budget: $70,000 – Trail and Wetland Development
$14,400 – Fenced Dog Park
Funding Source(s): $42,000 – RTP Grant
$42,400 – Park Sales Tax
Year Completed: 2007

Council Items

Site Planopens PDF file

Project Description: 

The project site was a former City sewer lagoon, taken out of commission in the 1970’s. Improvements to the Garth Nature Area, including, site grading, trail construction, wetland construction, bench installation, interpretive signage, and planting of trees and native plant materials. The City of Columbia received a Recreational Trails Program Grant in the amount of $42,000 to assist with the funding of this project. The City’s grant match was $28,000 funded by the Park Sales Tax. In addition to the grant project, a fenced leash-free dog area was constructed around one of the wetland cells, also funded by the Park Sales Tax. The dog fence is constructed out of estate fencing with fence netting affixed and surrounds a pond, with picnic tables on the site. The trail and wetland cell construction was contracted. Finish work on the trail, fence construction, landscaping, and bench and sign installation was accomplished with park force account labor. 

Interested Parties Meeting: 

An interested parties meeting for the dog park was held on site on July 10, 2007. Approximately 35 people attended. The final design of the dog park was derived from the public input gathered at the meeting. 

Project Status: 

Project completed. Dedication was held May 12, 2007.

Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Richardson Excavation Trail & wetland construction 061255 $24,992*
Boone Quarry Rock 062414 $24,293*
Boone County Lumber Estate Fencing Materials 071397 $8,856**
Kay Park Rec Co Recycled plastic benches 071707 $6,574**

*Term and supply contract
**Amount for this project only; part of larger contract

Aerial photo (facing southeast) of trails
constructed in wetland area
[Garth Avenue to the East (left side of photo)
Aerial photo (facing east) of wetland cells and trails.
(Bear Creek Trail shown on the left side of the photo)
Park crews constructing dog park fence
Completed fenced, leash-free dog area
Large photo of Dedication of Garth Nature Area held on May 12, 2007opens IMAGE file
Dedication of Garth Nature Area held on May 12, 2007
(Click for enlargement)


Garth Nature Area

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