Capital Improvement Project: Flat Branch Park Expansion

Funding Fiscal Year: 2019 – $21,666 (Engineering Services
2020 – $750,000
Project Number: 00686
Project Budget: $771,666 (Engineering Services)
Funding Source: $21,666 Capital Investment Income 
$750,000 Donation


Funding Fiscal Year: 2017
Project Number: 00679
Project Budget: $1,100,000 (property purchase)*
Funding Source: Capital Investment Income

* The land acquisition was initiated through the City Manager’s Office

Project Description: 
City Council approved the purchase of the property at 32 S. Providence Road for future improvements which may include the expansion of Flat Branch Park, public transportation improvements and streetscape improvements.

The dedication of the park expansion will take place as part of Columbia’s 200th anniversary. For more information about the 200th anniversary celebration and timeline of events, please visit the CoMo200 website.

Council Items

Media Inquiries: Tammy Miller, Marketing Specialist, 573-874-7465, tammy.miller@como.govcreate new email

Project Input: Mike Snyder, Park Planning Superintendent, 573-874-7204, mike.snyder@como.govcreate new email

Preliminary Plansopens PDF file

Interested Parties Meeting and Online Survey: An interested parties meeting is scheduled for January 31, 2019 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Walton Building, 300 Providence Road, Columbia, MO, 65203.  An online survey was available from January 28, 2019 through February 19, 2019.  Comments receivedopens PDF file .  

Project Notes: The real estate at 32 S. Providence Rd. was purchased from Roth Properties, LLP for $1,100,000, which was funded by the interest earnings on the capital improvements project fund.

Project Status: An interested parties meeting has been held as noted above.  

Flat Branch Expansion: Phase I -Site Restoration

The City of Columbia originated in this area and expanded out to the current boundaries. The final name of the Flat Branch Park addition will be discussed with citizens, community leaders and local businesses and ultimately approved by the City Council.

The  first phase of the project will include the removal of the existing building, cleanup of the Flat Branch Creek and  the development of a park master plan. This involves work conducted by the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department and the Columbia Public Works Department . Public Works staff will coordinate the demolition of the building and related hardscape on the property, and park planners, working with the Downtown Community Improvement District (CID), will coordinate master plan efforts for the site. At the completion of Phase I, Founder’s Park will become a green space adjacent to a restored Flat Branch Creek and ready for future park development including The Gateways Project as proposed by the Downtown CID. 

Project   timeline based on minimal delays due to adverse weather conditions and available funding:

  • November 2016 to March 2017 –  Analysis of site and building including potential hazardous materials and structural issues adjacent to Flat Branch Creek and city streets.
  • March 2017 to April 2017 – Hazardous materials cleanup and removal.
  • May 2017 – Historic Preservation Commission review and removal of items of value.
  • June 2017 to August 2018 – Demolition and cleanup of the existing building on the property.
  • September 2018 to completion – Park and creek restoration.

During the duration of the site restoration phase of the project, park planning staff will conduct a series of public input meetings to discuss the master plan of the Flat Branch Park addition. Public Works will also be working with Missouri Department of Transportation representatives on the future right turn lane connecting Providence Road to Broadway (along the property’s west boundary of Providence Road).

Flat Branch Expansion: Phase  I I – Park Development

The second phase of the expansion of Flat Branch Park involves construction of park amenities including but not limited to a pedestrian bridge, fountain, walkways and utilities. This phase is unfunded at this time and staff anticipates that funding may be available through private donations, future ballot issues or other resources.  Staff anticipates that this phase may include the construction of the Columbia West Gateway Plaza as part of the CID’s Gateways project.

Hazardous Materials Reports: RCRA 8 Reportopens PDF file  and Asbestos Reportopens PDF file

Capital Improvement Program

Flat Branch Park

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