Capital Improvement Project: Douglass Park Improvements – Phase I

Funding Fiscal Year: 2014
Project Number: C00556
Project Budget: $100,000
Funding Source: Park Sales Tax
Year Completed: 2015

Project Description:
 Develop a comprehensive plan for the park that incorporates the additional land acquired (three adjacent lots). Develop a Phase I plan for this round of funding and complete development of Phase I with a combination of contract and force account labor.

Project Manager: Matt Boehner, Sr. Park Planner, 874-7204, matthew.boehner@como.govcreate new email


North East Park Entrance

Council Items

Interested Parties (IP) Meeting and Public Input : The process to design a new master plan for Douglass Park began with the public input process for the 2013 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. Preliminary Douglass Park planning meetings that were held during this process are listed on the Comprehensive Park Master Plan project web page.

The planning for Douglass Park moved forward once the City’s Fiscal Year 2014 Capital Improvement Program was approved, and Phase 1 funding for Douglass Park was in place. An IP meeting was held October 24, 2013, 5:30-7:30pm, at Douglass High School. A web survey was conducted 10/25/13 to 11/6/13 to give citizens that were unable to attend the IP meeting an opportunity to comment on the proposed plans. Below are the survey results from the hard copy forms, the web survey, and emails from interested parties. See the link below to read the comments from the online survey and interested parties meeting.

Survey Results
Option A – 29 (26 + 3 by email)
Option B – 4 (3 + 1 by email)
Number of Respondents with a Plan Preference: 21-IP Meeting; 8-Online; 4-Email = 33
Number of Respondents with no Plan Preference: 9-IP Meeting; 1-Online; 1-Email = 11
Total Respondents: 30-IP Meeting; 9-Online; 5-Email = 44


Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
P Timberlake Engineering Engineering Services 141053 $1,490
P Crockett Engineering Engineering Services 141054 $2,180
C Seth Paul Excavation Excavation 112234 $10,343
M Boone Quarries Rock 122598 $9,302
C Adiar Construction Concrete Installation 132073 $41,598
M Hutchison Recreation Shelter 141504 $10,110
M Midwest Block & Brick Pavers 141577 $9,881

** C=Contract Work; P=Professional Services; M=Materials Only

New Amphitheater


Douglass Park

Capital Improvement Program