Capital Improvement Project: Cosmo Park Restroom Replacement

Funding Fiscal Year: 2008
Project Number: C00344
Project Budget: $240,000*
Funding Source: Park Sales Tax
Project Completed: 2008

* Revised budget; original CIP budget – $175,000

Council Items

Map of Restroom Locationsopens IMAGE file

Project Description: 
Replace the two old restroom facilities that serve Burford/Dexheimer and Nickell/Lamb Shelters on the south side of Cosmo Park.

Public Meeting:
 An informal Open House/Public Meeting concerning the replacement of the Nickell/Lamb and Burford/Dexheimer Restrooms in Cosmo Park was held Thursday, October 18, between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at ARC (Activity and Recreation Center), 1701 West Ash Street, Meeting Room A. [Press Releaseopens PDF file Attendees and park user groups expressed support for this project.

Project Status:

  • 11/10/08 – Punch list and seeding/strawing completed. Project complete.
  • 10/1/08 – Restrooms completed, except for punch list and landscaping.
  • 9/1/08 – Trim work, soffit, interior plywood, painting, electrical and rough plumbing completed on both restrooms. Metal roof also completed on Burford/Descheimer restroom.
  • 8/1/08 – Block walls, stone facade, and roof framing complete for Burford/Dexheimer restroom. Roof framing, utility rough in , stone facade, and metal roof complete for Nickell/Lamb restroom.
  • 7/7/08 – Footings completed for both restrooms. Utilities have been roughed in, slab poured, and block walls completed for Nickell/Lamb restroom.
  • 5/26/08 – Demo of the two restrooms completed. Contractor has begun pouring footings.
  • 4/16/08 – Contractor obtaining necessary permits. Demolition work is expected to begin in April.
  • 3/18/08 – Contract awarded.
  • 2/13/08 – Bid for restroom demolition and construction closed.
  • 11/20/07 -The project was introduced at the November 5, 2007 City Council meeting and a public hearing was held at the Council’s November 19, 2007meeting. Council approved and authorized project.
  • 11/21/07 – Bid specifications being developed by park planners.
  • 10/16/07 – Public meeting for interested parties was held on October 16, 2007 at the ARC.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
Contract Amount
GBH Builders, Inc. Restroom demo & construction 081675 $229,418*

*Amount for this project only; part of larger contract.

Old restroom facility to be replaced
(Serves Burford and Dexheimer Shelters)
New Burford-Dexheimer restroom
Old restroom facility to be replaced
(Serves Nickell and Lamb Shelters)
New Nickell-Lamb restroom


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