Capital Improvement Project: Cosmo Harris Shelter and Parking Lot

Funding Fiscal Year: 2007
Project Budget: $125,000*
Funding Source: $110,000 – Park Sales Tax ; $15,000 – Force Account Labor
Project Completed: 2008

* Budget reduced $15,000 from original CIP

Council Items

Site Planopens PDF file

Project Description: Construct a new medium-size shelter and 80-car parking lot in the southwest corner of Cosmo Park. This shelter replaces the old Harris Shelter that was removed for the expansion of the Antimi Sports Complex. It was decided to relocate the shelter to a less congested area of the park.

Project Notes: Parking lot was constructed in September 2007. Shelter work began October 29, 2007 and the construction of shelter was completed and opened for reservations beginning April 15, 2008.

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Richardson Excavation Grading 061255 Term & Supply
Rhad Baker Construction Shelter construction 080619 $60,892
Frech Paving Company Asphalt parking lot * 072168* $39,041*

*Funded by Annual Roads and Parking; portion of larger contract


Harris Shelter parking lot asphalt
and striping work has been completed.
(Photo facing West)
Rhad Baker Construction has begun the construction of the shelter. The shelter is off the north end of the parking lot and sits on a hilltop.
(Photo taken 10/24/07)
Harris Shelter columns, steel beams
and roof joists are up.
(Photo taken 11/12/07)
Harris Shelter nearing completion
(Photo taken 4/9/08)


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