Capital Improvement Project: Cosmo-Bethel Tennis Court Resurfacing (2013)

Funding Fiscal Year: 2013*
Project Number: C00540
Project Budget: $63,230
Funding Source: $36,000 Park Sales Tax (Annual Park Improv)
$6,926 PYA (transfers from PST projects) 
$20,304 Columbia Public Schools
Year Completed: 2013

* Mid-year appropriation

Project Description: Co-op project with Columbia Public Schools (CPS) to renovate 12 tennis courts at Cosmo-Bethel Park. Contract labor will be used to accomplish the multi-step process to repair the courts, which involves repairing all asphalt cracks, leveling low areas, applying three coats of acrylic court surfacing product, and repainting court lines. CPS to reimburse the City for the resurfacing of the 4 courts they own.

Project Manager: Ryan Atkinson

Council Items

Project Notes: Goal is to have courts resurfaced in time for the University of MO to host the 2014 SEC Conference Tennis Championships in April 2014. Project was approved at the June 3, 2013 Council Meeting.

Project Status: Project completed and courts placed in service July 25, 2013 for Show Me State Games.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
C Frazier-Davis Construction Resurface courts 1312151 $60,858*

* Amount of purchase order for this project only.


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