Capital Improvement Project: Cosmo-Bethel Tennis Court Resurfacing (2007)

Funding Fiscal Year: 2007
Project Number: C00307
Project Budget: $50,000
Funding Source: 50%: Annual Parks – Park Sales Tax
50%: Col Public Schools
Year Completed: 2007

Council Items
Project Status: 
Resurfacing completed.
Project Description: Five years after the dedication of the Cosmo Bethel Tennis Complex in 2002, the courts were completely resurfaced. Worn pavement and birdbaths were repaired and color finish coating was applied to all courts. The budget for the project was $50,000 and the costs were shared as a 50/50 co-op project with Columbia Public Schools. The project was bid and awarded to Gerald Perry Tennis Company, Springfield Missouri. The City’s portion was funded by the Park Sales Tax as an Annual Park Improvement project.

Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Gerald Perry Tennis Co. Tennis court resurface 072874 $29,800
Tom Adair Const. Sidwalk/concrete work 081288 $10,423*

Term and Supply Contract

To determine where repairs were needed,
the courts were flooded.
Following a waiting period of one hour during mid-day temperatures of 80 degrees, areas where water depth remained deeper than the depth of a nickel were marked for repair.
Concrete patch filler was used on low spots, while high spots or ridges were ground down. Tolerances were spot checked using string line.
Concrete patches were applied in several thin stages with drying time between.
Surface cracks were filled and peeling paint was removed.
Another flooding of the courts confirmed birdbaths had been repaired to USTA guidelines.
All surface area was covered with a base paint layer.
Color coats were then added defining playing areas. Lines were added last.


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