Capital Improvement Project: Cosmo-Bethel Shelter and Restroom Replacement

Funding Fiscal Year: 2008
Project Number: C00346
Project Budget:


Funding Source: Park Sales Tax
Year Completed: 2008

Council Items

Map showing location of replacement itemsopens IMAGE file

Interested Parties Meeting: Held October 18, 2007 at the ARC

Project Description: Replace three-shelter cluster with one large new shelter and replace old restroom facility. Demolition and construction of restroom to be contracted. Shelter to be constructed with force account labor. 

Project Status:

  • 11/10/08 – Bike rack installed; shelter completed. Project complete.
  • 10/10/08 – Shelter substantially completed. Restroom completed and open to the public.
  • 9/1/08 – Trim work, soffit, interior plywood, painting, electrical, rough plumbing and exterior concrete work is completed on the restroom. I-Beams and roof trusses have been set and roof decking material has been installed on the shelter.
  • 8/1/08 – Restroom roof construction and utility rough in are complete. Shelter concrete columns and slab completed. Shelter ceiling and soffit boards have been stained. Trenched and installed water pipe for drinking fountains.
  • 07/7/08 – Utilities have been roughed in, slab poured, and block walls completed for restroom. Site excavated, steel set for footings, 12 concrete footings poured, vertical column steel installed, and began setting column forms for shelter.
  • 05/19/08 – Old restroom has been demolished. Contractor has poured footings for the new restroom.
  • 04/16/08 – Contractor obtaining necessary permits. Demolition work is expected to begin in April. Shelter material bids have been awarded. Shelter construction scheduled for June.
  • 03/18/08 – Contract for restroom demolition and construction awarded.
  • 12/17/07 – Purchasing requisition entered for restroom construction.
  • 12/14/0 – Existing shelters are scheduled for demolition the week of December 16, weather permitting. Restroom bid specs are being finalized and will be combined with other restroom projects for competitive bid.
  • 11/20/07 – The project was introduced at the November 5 City Council meeting and a public hearing was held at the Council’s November 19 meeting. Council approved project so park planners are in the process of developing bid specifications.
  • 10/19/07 -Public meeting for interested parties was held on October 18, 2007 at the ARC. Attendees and park user groups expressed support for the project.
Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Loftis Company Shelters and slab demo 081012 $6,275
GBH Builders, Inc. Restroom demo & construction 081675 $114,709*
Ahens Steel Steel beams (for shelter) 081655 $6,040
Meek Building Ctr Roofing materials (for shelter) 081702 $9,292
La Crosse Lumber Wood trusses (for shelter) 081729 $4,511
Philips & Co Electrical materials (for shelter) 081701 $3,128
Fry & Assoc Covered grill 081777 $1,162

*Amount for this project only; part of larger contract

Three-cluster shelters
scheduled for replacement
New large shelter that
replaced the three-cluster shelters
Restroom scheduled for replacement
New restroom at Cosmo-Bethel Park


Cosmo-Bethel Park

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