Capital Improvement Project: Cascades Park Development

Funding Fiscal Year: 2009
Project Number: C00415
Project Budget: $145,000
Funding Source(s): $110,000 – Park Sales Tax
$35,000 – Force Account Labor
Year Completed: 2010

Council Items

Parcel Mapopens IMAGE file  

Plans: Park Master Planopens PDF file  
(Options presented at 8/19/08 I.P. Meeting: Option 1opens PDF file , Option 2opens PDF file )

Project Description: Develop neighborhood park on 12.68 acre property in Cascades Subdivision.

Interested Parties Meeting: A park planning meeting for interested parties was held from 6:00-7:00pm on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at the Cascades Clubhouse, 6700 Port Orchard Drive.

Project Notes: Two master plan options for the park were developed. An interested parties meeting was held August 19, 2008 and the two options were presented. Staff reviewed the comments collected at the meeting and developed a proposed master plan for the park..The public hearing was held at the December 1, 2008 Council Meeting and the project was approved. An ordinance to accept an easement agreement to construct a sidewalk on Cascades Homeowner’s Association property in order to provide public access to the park was approved at the November 2, 2009 Council Meeting.

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
Contract Amount
C Playpower LT Playground and installation 091093 $28,983
C Richardson Excavation Grading work 061255 $8,900*
C Custom Fence Seed/straw site; silt fencing 082489 $7,350*
M Wood Link Fence Baseball backstop materials 091822 $1,775
C Tom Adair Const. Concrete work 091543 $32,896*
M BJ Services Playground Fiber Mulch 092201 $1,558*
M Ahrens Steel Steel beams for bridge 092183 $1,288
M Pea Ridge Forestry Trees 102640 $1,956
M Rost Landscaping Trees 102639 $1,428

* Amount is for this project only – purchase order is for term and supply contract 
** C = contract work; M = materials only


Playground installation preparation
(Photo taken 7-29-09)
Single table shelter
(Photo taken 7-31-09)
Park staff constructing pedestrian bridge
(Photo taken 8-13-09)
Completed playground
(Photo taken 9-14-09)
Park staff installing Cascades Park sign
(Photo taken 9-14-09)


Cascades Park

Capital Improvement Program