Capital Improvement Project: Atkins Park – Youth Athletic Field Development

Funding Fiscal Year(s): 2007 & 2008
Project Number: C00280
Project Budget : $1,435,355*
Funding Source:

$1,025,000 – Park Sales Tax
$76,005 – LWCF Grant 
$103,995* – Boone County Government
$220,355 – Recreation User Fees 
$10,000 – Diamond Council Donation

Year Completed: 2009

*Adjusted from original budget
Note: Road and parking lot paving funded by Annual Roads and Parking

Council Items

Plansopens IMAGE file

Project Description: The 80-acre property was donated by Tom Atkins to the City of Columbia and Boone County in 2002, with each having undivided one-half interest. Atkins donated the land with the intent that the land be developed for youth recreation. This project is the first phase of the construction of a new baseball field complex. Phase one includes the construction of two lighted baseball fields (400′ field and 350′ field), irrigation lake, and 140-car gravel parking lot. The two ball fields are part of a five-field tournament quality complex that will be completed as funding becomes available. Phase one also includes grading for the entire five field complex to prepare the site for future construction. Columbia Parks and Recreation Department will be responsible for the maintenance and programming of the complex when completed.

Project Notes: Due to the City Council’s approval on June 19, 2006 of a Memorandum of Understanding with Columbia Professional Baseballopens PDF file  for a proposed sports complex for a minor league baseball team (Columbia Diamonds, formerly the Mid-Missouri Mavericks) at American Legion Park, the City Council decided to move the $325,000 2005 Park Sales Tax ballot funds identified for American Legion Park improvements to the youth athletic fields at Atkins Park project. (See related Council items.) By the close of Fiscal Year 2009, Columbia Professional Baseball had not returned to the City to discuss an agreement for the use of American Legion Park. Therefore, in Fiscal Year 2010 a capital project was budgeted with Recreation User Fee funds for improvements to American Legion Park.

Project Status (in descending date order):

  • 05/29/09 – Completed shelter construction. Phase I development substantially completed.
  • 05/11/09 – Held dedication ceremony of Atkins Park.
  • 04/30/09 – Completed installation of 10 light poles and fixtures for parking lot and walkway. Completed 125′ of ADA accessible walk. Installed signs. Began installation of pre-fab shelter.
  • 03/31/09 – Ballfields open for play. Shelter remains to be installed.
  • 01/01/09 – Curbing construction work continues. Began preliminary work on shelter.
  • 12/1/08 – Completed construction of bleacher pad on Black Field and concrete walkway leading from parking lot to ballfields. Began construction of parking lot curbing.
  • 11/1/08 – Scoreboard on Black Field has been set and is operational. Areas outside of the ball fields have been seeded/strawed. Lighting/electrical work completed. Security fence between Atkins Park and Fairgrounds installed. Parking lot asphalting is completed.
  • 10/01/08 – Work on utility building roof is nearing completion. Seeding/strawing finish work has begun. Parking lot is partially asphalted.
  • 09/01/08 – Parking lot finish grading is complete and ready for paving. Contractor has substantially completed punch list items for grading and fencing. Work has begun on roof of the utility building, and the wiring has been pulled to the building. Scoreboard has been set at Gold Field. Conduit and disconnect boxes have been installed at both scoreboard locations.
  • 08/01/08 – Topsoil has been placed outside the ball fields. All fence work is completed. Block work on electrical building is completed. Drainage improvements have been made. Entry drive has been asphalted. Red shale has been placed on both infields. Conduit has been installed for lighting. Bleacher pad at Gold Field backstop has been poured. Irrigation control conduit was installed at electrical building. Three I-beams installed for Black Field scoreboards.
  • 05/27/08 – All field fencing on both fields has been completed. Dugout fencing has begun.
    All outfield and diamond sodding on both fields has been completed. All ball field lights have been installed but not wired. Wiring will begin shortly. Entry road grading and rock placement has been completed. Asphalt will begin as soon as contracts are executed. 
    Irrigation system has been adjusted and timing of watering is being worked on.
  • 05/02/08 – The 24 ft. and 16 ft. fencing and fence curbing are completed on the Gold Field, and 25% of the fence installation and 50% of the fence curbing is completed on the Black Field. About 80% of the sod has been placed on the Black Field. The entry road grading work and fine irrigation adjustments have begun. Temporary electric service has been installed.  
  • 03/14/08 – ball field lighting contract awarded to Brandy Electric.
  • 02/14/08 – Utility building roof bid awarded to Reeder-Wright Enterprises.
  • 12/28/07 – Construction of block walls for utility building awarded to Rahd Baker Const.
  • 12/14/07 – Purchasing requisition for ball field lighting submitted.
  • 12/6/07 – Most of the sod for field one outfield has been laid. Irrigation for both fields has been installed, but still needs to be tested and adjusted. The backstop and dugout fence poles for both fields have been installed. Infield shale has been delivered. Construction of utility building bid has been awarded.
  • 11/23/07 -Irrigation nearing completion on field two. Fencing being installed. Sod being installed on field one.
  • 10/22/07 – Infield drain lines are complete. Turf portion field mix being applied over infields. Irrigation nearing completion on field one. Seeding on non-field areas complete.
  • 09/22/07 – Grading nearing completion and irrigation lines are being installed.
  • 07/20/07- Grading scheduled to begin in late July for the entire 5 field complex.

Major contract awards for this project are listed below. The remainder of the project will be accomplished with Parks and Recreation staff.

Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
A Civil Group Engineering services 071963 $20,000
A Civil Group Legal description for utility easement 081387 $825
Malicoat-Winslow Eng Electrical design 080730 $6,000
Wilcoxson Excavating Grading, fencing, top soil, walks, parking lot construction 072474 $546,998
Rost Superior Services Irrigation 072950 $80,128
Rost, Inc. Sod 080274 $43,519
Leroy’s Sports Fields Infield red shale 080677, 082284 $44,168
Fry & Associates Player benches 072708 $3,595
LOW Masonry Block for utility bldg. 080977 $2,541
Rhad Baker Const Utility bldg. block wall const. 081148 $13,970
Reeder-Wright Ent. Utility bldg. roof const. 081454 $5,420
Brandy Elec, Inc. ball field lights 081663 $311,550
Nevco Scoreboards Scoreboards 081804 $15,371
Innovative Concepts Metal gates 082032 $3,132
Sellenriek Construction Boring services 081221 $2,319*
AB Creative Pre-fab shelter 091383 $13,450
Simon Steel Foul pole extensions 090987 $1,111
Fletcher-Reinhart Parking lot light poles 090732 $1,826
Most Dependable Fountains Water fountain w/jug filler & hose bib 090604 $2,690
Custom Fence Erosion control fencing 082489 $994
Water & Sewer Water pipe 090444 $1,380
Ag Coop Service Spread fertilizer 090439 $3,257
Frech Paving** Asphalt work** 082157 $21,796**

Term and supply contract; amount is portion of contract for this project. 
**More asphalt work for Atkins project was done under Annual Roads and Parking.

Initial site grading of two new baseball fields began July 2007
Site preparation continues 8/7/07
Aerial view of infield irrigation system.
Irrigation lines were installed and outfield topsoil distributed for both fields by 9/27/07.
Field #1 sod was installed 11/19/07.
(Irrigation system in operation)
Fence pole installation – 4/7/08
Fencing and sod near completion – 6/25/08
Installation of red shale warning track – 7/1/08
Preparation for bleacher pad – 7/1/08
Ball fields nearing completion – July 2008
Ball fields lit at night
First games held on March 31, 2009
Atkins Park was dedicated on May 11, 2009.
more info on the park dedication ceremony


Thomas E. “Country” Atkins Jr. Memorial Park

Capital Improvement Program