Capital Improvement Project: ARC Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Funding Fiscal Year: 2008*
Project Number: C46071

Project Budget:

Funding Source: Donations**
Year Completed: 2009

* Mid year appropriation
**Funds to be appropriated from donation account
(reserved funds from original ARC project development)

Council Items

Proposed Plan

Interested Parties Meeting: An interested parties meeting for the ARC Parking Lot Solar Lights project was held on Thursday, February 21, 2008 in Meeting Room C at the ARC, 1701 W. Ash. Due to the poor weather, park staff solicited and accepted email comments through Monday, February 25, 2008.

Project Description: Installation of three solar lights with shoebox light fixtures on 18 foot poles for the expanded parking area at the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC). The light style will be similar to the solar lights at the east parking lot at Stephens Lake Park.

Project Notes: Report regarding the parking lot lighting at the ARC was submitted to the City Council at the February 4, 2008 Council Meeting. Council instructed staff pursue the option of installing solar lights for the expanded area of the parking lot. An interested parties meeting was held on February 21, 2008 at the ARC. Staff solicited and accepted email comments from the public through February 25, 2008. Project and appropriation were approved at the August 18, 2008 Council Meeting. Lights were installed January 2009.

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Solar Electric Power 3 solar parking lot lights 090697 $10,330


Installed solar parking lot light at the ARC


Activity and Recreation Center (ARC)

Capital Improvement Program