Capital Improvement Project: ARC Flooring and Improvements

Funding Fiscal Year: 2011
Project Number: C46071
Project Budget: $137,411*
Funding Source: Donation**
Year Completed: 2011

* Original budget – $90,000; increased budget after flooring bids were received. 
**Funds appropriated from ARC donation account (funds reserved from original ARC project development )

Project Description: Replace carpet tiles in upstairs cardio and strength training room with resilient athletic flooring.

Council Items

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
C Combined Flooring Install resilient flooring 111067 $134,720


ARC Flooring Replacement

Removal of old carpet
(Photo taken 3/31/2011)
New flooring in cardio area
(Photo taken 5/12/2011)
New flooring upstairs by elevator
(Photo taken 5/12/2011)
New flooring in strength area
(Photo taken 5/12/2011)

Capital Improvement Program  

Activity and Recreation Center (ARC)