ARC Improvements – Lighting and Pool Pak Controller Improvements

Funding Fiscal Year: 2016 – $89,050
2017 – $11,328*
Project Number: C46071**
Project Budget: $100,378*
Funding Source: $89, 050 – FY 2014 General Fund Savings
$11,328 – Rebate from Water & Light*
Year Completed: 2017 – Phase I (Initial lighting & Pool Pak Improvements)

* $11,328 rebate was a FY 2017 mid-year appropriation
** This project number is shared between multiple ARC capital improvement projects. Project budget is for this specific ARC project only.

Description: The surplus funds will be used to make energy efficient improvements at the Activity and Recreation Center. Plans are to upgrade the existing Pool Pak controller and replace high cost lighting with energy efficient lighting.

Project Manager: Mark Kottwitz, Park Supervisor, 573-874-6332, makotwi@gocolumbiamo.comcreate new email

Council Items

Project Status: Complete.

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