Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Click on the links under “Current and Upcoming Capital Projects” to find out information regarding each capital improvement project’s funding source, project manager’s contact information, City Council action, interested parties meetings, plans, project status, and more.

Information regarding completed capital improvement projects can be accessed from the respective park index page. Access each park from the Park Directory.

Some projects accomplished by Parks and Recreation are not tied to a specific park. Once these projects have been removed from the “Current and Upcoming Capital Projects” list, the information can be accessed by clicking on the links below for projects in these categories:


Current and Upcoming Capital Projects

Parks – New Development

Parks – Enhancements / Additions in Existing Parks

Parks – Renovations in Existing Parks and Facilities


Note: Some Federally funded trail projects are administered by GetAbout Columbia. For information on these trail projects, go to the GetAbout Columbia web site.