Capital Improvement Project: Rainbow Softball Center Improvements – Phase II

Funding Fiscal Year: 2012
Project Number: C46075
Project Budget: $274,000*
Funding Source: $250,000 – Rec Services Fund 
$24,000 – CVB Tourism Development Fund
Year Completed: 2012

*$50,000 RSR Fund and $24,000 CVB Fund were mid-year appropriations.

Project Description: This project completes renovation of 28+ year-old Rainbow Softball Center in Cosmo Park, including improvements to the concession area and the replacement of the walkways, scoreboards and fence materials. 

Project Manager: Gabe Huffington, Park Services Manager, 573-874-7202, gabe.huffington@como.govcreate new email

Proposed dugout explansion plansopens PDF file

Council Items

Interested Parties Meetings: A web survey was conducted June 8 – July 12, 2011 to gather public input on the project. The survey generated 275 respondents, and their answers were used to develop a list of renovation priorities. Two interested parties meetings were held at Rainbow Softball Center on August 4 and, 2011. Ninety-three users stopped in to discuss priorities for the center. The project was approved at the October 17, 2011 Council Meeting.

Project Notes: Mission Continues Project – 226 volunteers worked a total 1,582 at Rainbow Sofball Center on April 28, 2012. They assisted park staff with following renovation and new projects:

  1. Removed unwanted vegetation and small trees from hillside behind Green Field.
  2. Mulched all landscaping beds in the complex.
  3. Planted new shrubs and flowers in all needed landscaping beds.
  4. Installed drainage and leveled areas behind Red and Green Fields.
  5. Painted buildings, including the concession stand, pavilion, electrical shed, planters and ticket booth.
  6. Mulched the playground area.
  7. Cleaned all playground equipment.
  8. Cleaned all playground equipment.
  9. Painted dugout trash cans.
  10. Installed fence crown on Yellow Field.
  11. Installed new field yardage signs on all six fields.
  12. Replaced the siding on the electric shed.
  13. Picked up all trash in the complex.
  14. Installed new maintenance gates at all six fields.
  15. Replaced the fence fabric on parts of Orange and Blue Fields.
  16. Scooped and cleaned all warning track curbs.
  17. Checked and tied all fence fabric.
  18. Installed sixty roof rafters on four dugouts.
  19. Fabricated six picnic tables.
  20. Installed 3 new recycled benches.

Project Status: Project completed.

Work included demolition and removal of old ballfield fencing and asphalt/concrete, installation of new fencing on all 12 dugouts, reseeding around dugouts, and installation of new ballfield fence, installation of new player benches and scoreboards, and recoating of bat racks. Contractor (Florissant Sod Co.) renovated all six infields.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
M JWRE Inc. Scoreboards 121038 $25,115
M Wood Link Fence Fence poles 121257 $7,863
M Bulte Co. Player benches 121259 $13,517
M Collins & Hermann Dugout materials 121339 $120,460
C Florisssant Sod Co. Infield renovation – 6 fields 130887 $49,871


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