Baseball/Softball Facility Reservations

Rainout Hotline: (573) 874-7663

Field Scheduling for Tournaments and Games: Joey Wilmes (573) 874-7706

There are approximately 22 Columbia Parks & Recreation baseball/softball fields which can be scheduled. Fields may be scheduled for youth and adult league games, tournaments and youth and adult practices.

During the month of March (weather dependent); Antimi Fields, Albert-Oakland Park and American Legion and all neighborhood parks are open for reservations. The rental rates are $18.00 per hour and $24.00 per hour with lights.

During the month of April; Antimi and Albert-Oakland fields are exclusively reserved for Diamond Council leagues. All other fields are reservable to other individuals, groups or organizations.

In May, the only fields reservable for practices are neighborhood parks (Again, American Legion Upper and Cosmo-Bethel fields). Any other field reservations at Rainbow, Antimi, Albert-Oakland, American Legion Lower, Hickman and Rock Bridge will need to be reserved through Joey Wilmes, Sports Supervisor, at (573) 874-7706.

Field Rental Rates

Description Rates
Baseball/Softball without lights per hour
Baseball/Softball with lights per hour
Baseball/Softball per game (marked fields)
Baseball/Softball daily rate (marked fields)
Baseball/Softball daily rate (marked and temporary fence)
Rainbow Baseball/Softball Sunday rate (marked)
Special Field Preparation (in addition to rental rate)


Again Again Street Park
1200 Again Street
American Legion
American Legion Park
602 S. Legion Lane
American Legion
American Legion Park
602 S. Legion Lane
Antimi Sports Complex Cosmo Park
1615 Business Loop 70 W
Tee Ball (8 fields total)
Atkins Atkins Park
5220 N. Oakland Gravel Rd.
League and Tournament Play Only (3 baseball fields)
Cosmo-Bethel Cosmo-Bethel Park
4500 Bethel St.
Albert-Oakland East Albert-Oakland Park
1900 Blue Ridge Rd.
Albert-Oakland West Albert-Oakland Park
1900 Blue Ridge Rd.
Rainbow Softball Center Cosmo Park
1615 Business Loop 70 W
League and Tournament Play Only (6 softball fields)

Tournament Scheduling

If you are interested for tournament rates and availability of officials, contact Joey Wilmes (573) 874-7706.

Rainout/Cancellation Policy

The Columbia Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel all field reservations due to inclement weather conditions or unsafe field conditions. A decision is usually made by 4 pm on weekdays and 7 am on weekends. The cancellations will be posted on our hotline, 874-7663.

If your reservation is cancelled by Parks & Recreation, you must call the next business day to reschedule your reservation at 874-7460, otherwise your reservation is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Hotline (573) 874-7663

Weekdays – All cancellations are updated daily by 4 pm. Note that only existing cancellations are listed. If conditions change after 4 pm, a decision will be made at the field.

Weekends & Holidays – Cancellations are updated by 7 am. If the conditions change to warrant a cancellation, the Hotline will be updated accordingly.

All cancellations for Sunday night softball leagues are updated by 3pm. If the conditions change after 3pm, a decision on the event will be made at the field.

Cancellation Guidelines for Athletic Fields

Parking in the Park

Web Mail

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