Aquatic Policies

lifeguardsLifeguards and Adult Supervision

Our aquatic staff of Starfish licensed lifeguards strives to maintain the highest standards in emergency training! The goal is to provide patrons with a safe, clean atmosphere in which families can enjoy aquatic recreation. The purpose of the aquatic staff is not to supervise your child, but to prevent accidents from happening. Therefore, parents are expected to closely supervise their children and assist in enforcing the policies for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons. All children 10 years and under must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a paying adult (16 years or older).

In an attempt to provide the safest facilities possible, our staff undergoes extensive training. In an attempt to simulate real situations, this training could happen at any time, including during recreational swimming times. Please do not be alarmed, as you may witness staff training when a “Lifeguards in Training” sign is posted. Training aids may include lifelike mannequins. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Family in swimsuitsProper Swimsuit Attire Required

Proper swimsuit attire is required to enter all municipal pool facilities. Guardians must also be in proper swimsuit attire, so if necessary, they can enter the pool to assist the patrons for whom they are responsible. Appropriate swimsuit attire is defined as clothing specifically designed for use in the water. Some examples of inappropriate attire include (but not limited to), basketball shorts, sports bras and shorts, sweatpants, cut-off shorts, and cargo shorts. Aquatic cashiers will ask to see swim attire at time of entry. Those without appropriate attire will not be admitted.

Swimsuit Drive

To assist those who do not have access to proper swimsuit attire, Parks and Recreation conducts a year-round swimsuit drive. Bring new or gently used swimsuits or swim trunks to the ARC, 1701 West Ash Street. Donated swimsuits will be washed and made available for distribution.


Cooler Policy

Patrons are allowed to bring their own coolers in to our outdoor pool facilities. However, coolers may not contain glass containers or alcohol. Pool staff will check the contents of the coolers before they are allowed in the facility.

Diaper Policy

  • Patrons requiring diapers are prohibited from entering the pool without waterproof swim diapers or plastic pants with elastic legs and waistband.
  • Swimmers not wearing swim diapers will be asked to exit the swimming area until a swim diaper is acquired. Disposable swim diapers can be purchased at the facilities.
  • Adults are required to change diapers at designated diaper changing stations located in the changing rooms. Please do not change diapers on the aquatic facility deck, in the concession area, or party rooms.
  • Children and patrons who have had diarrhea within the past two weeks are asked not to use the aquatic facility.
  • Adults should ask their children to refrain from drinking the pool water.
  • If your child or another child has an accident in the pool water or deck area, please notify a staff member immediately.

Flotation Devices

girls in pool with noodlesFlotation devices are welcome at aquatic facilities under these guidelines:

  • Children under 10 years may only use flotation devices when an adult (16 years & up) is in the water, supervising the child.
  • The size of the flotation device may be restricted by aquatic staff.
  • Water wings or arm floaters are strongly discouraged for use as flotation devices. We recommend only US Coast Guard approved flotation devices.

Pool Closings and Inclement Weather

All facilities are subject to early closings if low attendance (10 patrons or less in a two hour period), weather warrants, or for a special program. All outdoor facilities will close whenever projected high air temperatures for the day are below 75 degrees.

lightningLightning poses a serious risk of injury at aquatic facilities, including indoor facilities. Due to the seriousness of this issue, the following policy has been developed for aquatic facilities managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. When inclement weather occurs, the water will be cleared and the staff will remain at the facility and attempt to reopen as soon as possible. If it is not feasible to reopen after forty-five minutes, the pool will close and an attempt will be made to reopen the pool later in the day. This policy is in effect until one hour prior to official closing time. Facility closings are announced on the Swim Hotline (573-874-7663).