Parks & Recreation Reports

Note: The compilation of Annual Reports was suspended after 2011 due to staffing constraints.  The Annual Reports from past years are available below for historical reference.

Annual Reports

The Parks and Recreation Department compiles a comprehensive Annual Report summarizing its activities and accomplishments for each fiscal year. View the Parks and Recreation Department Annual Reports (PDF) by clicking on the links below, listed in descending date order.


CIP (Capital Improvement Program) Progress Reports

Note: These Quarterly CIP Progress Reports were discontinued in Fiscal Year 2014 and were replaced with DotProject status reports that are provided to City Council.

View the Parks and Recreation Department CIP Progress Reports (PDF) provided to the City Council and Parks and Recreation Commission by clicking on the links below. These two-page reports with photos are organized by council ward and provide a brief summary of the progress of the capital projects. They are listed below in descending date order. (Link to detailed information on current individual capital improvement projects.)



Monthly Reports

Monthly reports summarizing the Parks and Recreation Department’s activities are submitted to the Parks and Recreation Commission. They can be found by clicking on the agenda links on the P&R Commission Meeting web page.