Parks and Recreation Internships

Columbia Parks & Recreation Department offers three internship opportunities each year for senior students majoring in Parks and Recreation or Sports Management; one position is available for each semester (spring/summer/fall).  The internship opportunity with the Parks and Recreation Department is a 16-week program.interns

This internship position is exclusively for students earning college credit for the work completed during the internship. The Parks and Recreation Intern will spend 30 hours/week for 12 weeks with all program areas of the Recreation Services and 30 hours/week for 4 weeks with all Parks Management divisions; 1-2 weeks per area.

Program areas include: Activity & Recreation Center, Adapted Community Recreation, Aquatics, Community Recreation/CARE, Day Camps, Golf, Life Enrichment Classes, Special Events, Natural Resources, Maintenance, Planning and Sports Turf Management.

Hillcrest internsIntern duties will include: working directly with the public; planning/developing program and/or events; implementing programs and events; attending department meetings; park design; sports turf management; natural resource management; and general park maintenance.

The Internship Position will be posted as a position on the City’s Human Resources (HR) web site for twelve days in the months of February, April and October. The opportunity to apply will only be available for 12 consecutive days.

Upcoming Dates

Winter/Spring 2022: Posted Sept. 20-Oct. 1, 2021
Summer 2022: Posted Feb. 7-18, 2022

Intern at Tons of TrucksApplicants will need to go to to apply. Each applicant will be required to attach a cover letter and resume. HR staff are happy to assist applicants with the application process. Applications or resumes that are not submitted through the city’s on-line system will NOT be accepted. If you are interested in Parks and Recreation work experience but not receiving credit, please go to and submit an application for any position that is of interest.

P&R staff will review all the applications after the job posting has closed and select candidates will interview with a panel of P&R employees for the internship position.  P&R staff will be interviewing up to 10 candidates for each position. Interviews will be conducted within 10-15 days of the position closing.

interns at Camp SlimeFor more information, please contact:

Cassie Brandt
Recreation Specialist
Columbia Parks & Recreation Department
P. O. Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205-6015
E-Mail: Cassie.Brandt@como.govcreate new email