2013 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan was completed and adopted by City Council in 2013. This plan will serve as a guide for the development of parks and recreational facilities over the next ten years. 

The 2013 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan is a 458-page document that is available for viewing on line by chapter or by section below. The full document is available for viewing on-line or downloading via the links on the right.

Note: The blank even-numbered pages in the hard copy (back side of maps, cover pages, and preliminary pages) are not included in the on-line PDF version. Hence, any page numbers that appear to be missing are blank pages.

Master Plan Process

After substantial public input, Parks and Recreation staff developed a draft 2013 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. The P&R Department sought comments on the draft plan from Parks and Recreation Commission, various other commissions, and the public.

After collecting public input on the draft Master Plan, revisions were made to Chapter 10-Trail Acquisition and Development and Chapter 11-Capital Improvement Program. The revised draft was presented to the City Council, and a public hearing was held at the July 15, 2013 City Council Meeting. The draft was approved at the Council Meeting with no significant changes. A final document was prepared, and the City Council officially adopted the plan on October 21, 2013.

View the Master Plan On-Line

The document is best understood by reading each chapter in its entirety, so that the reader has opportunity to read the explanations regarding how the various plans were derived. However, to assist with slower computer connections and facilitate viewing of specific sections or pages, links are also available to each separate section. The pages/sections highlighted in green below are the main elements that represent the culmination of the master planning process. Interested parties are encouraged to pay special attention to these portions of the document.

Chapter Page Description Page #
Cover and Title Page i
Letter from the Director and Acknowledgements iii
Table of Contents vii
Chapter 1. Introduction
Introduction 1
Chapter 2. Strategic Plan
Mission 6
Strategic Priorities 7
Strategic Planning 14
Chapter 3. Accomplishments
Overview 27
Section I: New Park Acquisition and Development 28
Section II: New Trail Acquisition and Development 29
Section III: Partnership Projects with the Columbia Public School District 30
Section IV: Existing Parks and Facilities 31
Chapter 4. Park and Facility Inventory
Overview 39
Park Categories 41
City of Columbia’s Parks by Category 45
Existing Greenbelts/Greenways/Trails (Map) 47
Existing Parks and Trails (Map) 49
Existing Neighborhood Parks (Map) 51
Existing Community Parks (Map) 53
Existing Regional Parks (Map) 55
Existing Natural Resource Parks (Map) 57
Existing Special Purpose Parks (Map) 59
City’s Outdoor Park Facility Inventory 61
Indoor Recreation Facilities and Buildings 63
Indoor Facilities – Used for Parks and Recreation Programs 65
Indoor Facilities – Non-Profit Providers 66
County, State and Federal Parks within 10 Miles of Columbia City Limits 67
Universities/Colleges 68
Schools (PK-12) 69
Non-Municipal/Quasi-Public 70
Chapter 5. Facility Standards
Overview 73
Goals for Development Projects 75
Comparison to Standards Chart 2013 77
Comparison to Standards Chart 2022 79
Conclusion Based on DNR Development Guidelines 81
Chapter 6. Public Input
Overview 83
Focus Group Meetings 87
2010 P&R Needs Assessment Survey: Citywide – Executive Summary 99
2011 P&R Needs Assessment Survey: Park User – Executive Summary 105
Conclusion 112
Chapter 7. Trends
Overview 115
Analysis 117
National Participation 133
Columbia Participation Levels 135
Columbia Participation Levels Analysis 141
Conclusion 148
Chapter 8. CIP Financing
Overview 149
Potential Funding Sources 151
Grants 154
CIP Abbreviations and Definitions 158
Parks and Recreation CIP Funding Sources – 10 Year History 159
Conclusion 160
Chapter 9. Park Acquisition and Development
Overview 161
Section I: Neighborhood Parks 163
2013 Neighborhood Park Plan (Map) 169
Section II: Community Parks 171
Section III: Regional Parks 173
Section IV: Special Purpose Parks 174
Section V: Natural Resource Areas 176
Conclusion 177
Chapter 10. Trail Acquisition and Development *
Overview * 179
Current Status 184
Acquisition Priorities 186
Acquisition and Development Costs 188
Trail Projects 194
2013 Trails Plan (Map) 199
Conclusion 201
Chapter 11. Recommended Capital Improvements
Overview 203
Section I: Existing Facilities 205
Section II: New Facilities (Location Undetermined) 220
Section III: Capital Improvement Program 222
Conclusion 230
Chapter 12. Conclusion
Conclusion 231
Appendix A
Appendix A 233
Activity & Recreation Center 234
Again Street Park 236
Albert, C. M. Memorial Park 238
Albert-Oakland Park 240
American Legion Park 242
Armory Sports and Recreation Center 244
Atkins Park 246
Auburn Hills Park 248
Barberry Park Property 250
Battle Avenue Park Property 252
Bear Creek Park 254
Bear Creek Trail 256
Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary 258
Boxer Park 260
Brown Station Park 262
Capen Park 264
Cascades Park 266
Clary-Shy Community Park 268
Cliff Drive Park 270
Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area 272
Cosmo-Bethel Park 276
County House Trail 278
Douglass Park and Pool – School 280
Downtown Optimist Park 282
Dublin Park 284
Eastport Park 286
Fairview Park – School 288
Field Park 290
Flat Branch Park 292
Forum Nature Area 294
Gans Creek Recreation Area 296
Garth Nature Area 298
Grasslands Park 300
Grindstone Nature Area 302
Hickman High School – Pool 304
Highpointe Park 306
Hinkson Creek Trail 308
Hominy Creek Trail 310
Indian Hills Park 312
Jay Dix Station 314
Kiwanis Park 316
Kyd Park 318
L. A. Nickell Golf Course 320
Lake of the Woods Recreation Area 322
Lange Park 324
Lions-Stephens Park 326
Longview Park 328
Louisville Park 330
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Battle Garden 332
McKee Park 334
MKT Nature and Fitness Trail 336
MKT Trail Plaza 338
MKT Trail – Scott Blvd. Access 340
Nifong Park 342
Oakwood Hills Park 344
Old 63 Roadside Park 346
Paquin Park 348
Parkade Park – School 350
Parks Management Center 352
Philips Park 354
Proctor Park 356
Rock Bridge Park 358
Rock Quarry Park 360
Rothwell Park 362
Shepard Boulevard Park – School 364
Smiley Lane Park 366
Smith Park 368
Smithton Park 370
South Providence Trail 372
Stephens Lake Park 374
Strawn Road Property 376
Twin Lakes Recreation Area 378
Valleyview Park 380
Village Square Park 382
Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area 384
Westwinds Park 386
Wilson Park 388
Woodridge Park 390
Worley Street Park 392
Appendix B
2010 P&R Needs Assessment Survey: Citywide – Charts and Graphs 395
Benchmarking Comparisons 415
2010 Citywide Survey Instrument 425
2011 P&R Needs Assessment Survey: Park User – Charts and Graphs 434
Email Sent to Sports Listserv Members 450
Email Sent to Webmail and Non-Sports Listserv Members 451
2011 Park User Survey Instrument 452
Existing Greenbelts/Greenways/Trails (Map) 47
Existing Parks and Trails (Map) 49
Existing Neighborhood Parks (Map) 51
Existing Community Parks (Map) 53
Existing Regional Parks (Map) 55
Existing Natural Resource Parks (Map) 57
Existing Special Purpose Parks (Map) 59
2013 Neighborhood Parks Plan 169
2013 Trails Plan 199

*Page 180 was revised January 3, 2019 to correct an image.