GIS and Digital Data Price List


B/W Ink

Color Ink

Photo Paper

42 x 48



Not Available

72 x 78







Data by the panel (including topo,planimetric data and 3 in leaf off)

Per Panel @ $125

2017 Orthophoto by panel (3 in leaf off or 6in leaf on)

Per Panel @ $15

2017 Orthophoto (Metro Area 3 in leaf off or 6in leaf on) includes flash drive

Metro Area @ $255

Free resources:

City View: City View provides information about property, public service, zoning, and natural resources information through a convenient web map. The intent of this map is to quickly provide answers to questions about City services. 

Community Dashboard: The Community Dashboard map is a portal showing transactional data, or data that changes every day as a part of business processes like planning cases, special events, projects, and permits, from business units across the City. 

Map Products: Standard map products including 42×48 poster maps, mapbooks and street indexes.