Sources for other Maps, Data, and Information

The following websites offer a variety of data and mapping options.

Boone County Internet Mapping Viewers: Search property ownership records and print maps. This site provides online mapping access to aerial photography and property information maintained by the County Assessor’s Office. 

MoDOT/OSEDA Socio-Economic Indicators: This webpage is a joint collaboration between the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA) to provide up-to-date, authoritative data and information for use in transportation planning and project development. The Indicator Resource webpage makes available data, maps, tables, charts and graphics and analysis for the Columbia Metropolitan Area.

911 Police, Fire and Rescue Dispatch: Columbia and Boone County law enforcement, fire, and rescue: tracking as events occur. Click the location field in the table to map in Google.

Columbia Police Crime Statistics: crime mapping, email reports, and tips for the public.

Community Issues Management (CIM): The City of Columbia Health Department participates in this web-based system designed to help local and regional organizations frame, manage and take action on complex policy issues. Access to the CIM system is free, however, registration is required.

MSDIS – Missouri Spatial Data Information Service:  Download GIS data and color photography for Boone County and the State of Missouri including Census data, digital elevation models (DEM), and related digital raster graphics.

CARES – Center for Agricultural, Resource and Environmental Systems: Create customized interactive maps from a wide range of economic, demographic, physical and cultural data.

The National Map (USGS): This United States Geological Survey site allows you to create customized interactive maps from a wide range of economic, demographic, physical and cultural data and view and download current and historical topographic maps. Data is also available for download.

MGISAC: Missouri GIS Advisory Council: 2009 GIS and digital data price list

For additional information or questions, contact the City of Columbia Geospatial Information Services Manager via e-mail or phone at (573) 441.5549