City Geospatial Information Services (GIS) Office

City Map Overhead ViewGeospatial Information Services (GIS) is responsible for coordinating the City’s geospatial resources such as aerial imagery and geographic data for internal use and public viewing. The City of Columbia continues to develop and integrate new sources of geospatial information and acquire high quality digital aerial photography.

GIS strives to integrate geospatial information available from City, County, State and Federal sources for public use and mapping. Below are map, data, and project resources available through GIS and links to other City maps and resources.

Maps & Apps Searchable directory to locate interactive web maps, pdf maps, data feeds, data files, and other resources.
City View Explore the city through an interactive map.
Community Dashboard Find and view current information about planning cases and special events.
GIS Use Policy & Conditions The City of Columbia policy on sharing geospatial data and the conditions under which it may be used.
Natural Resources Inventory Land cover and tree canopy maps for the Columbia Metro Area.
City Videos about GIS
Purchase GIS Data View the GIS and Digital Data Price List.

If you cannot find the maps or data that you are looking for, contact us.

The City of Columbia has a history of GIS use and inter-agency cooperation in geospatial resource development. This includes serving as a test site for the U.S. Census Bureau “TIGER” file in 1988 and joining with the County of Boone and Boone Electric Cooperative in the Shared GIS Consortium. The City of Columbia also collaborates and contracts with the University of Missouri on projects through the Geographic Resources Center (GRC) and the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES) Community Issues Management (CIM). We strives to integrate geospatial information from City, County, State, and Federal sources for public use and mapping.

We appreciate hearing about the types of maps and geospatial data that you find useful and would like to have made available on this site. If you cannot find the maps, data, or information that you are looking for, please contact use.

For additional information or questions, contact Geospatial Information Services with your suggestions via email or phone at (573) 874-7500.