Human Rights Enhancement Program Funding Information


To further enhance human rights in our community, local organizations may apply for Human Rights Enhancement Program funding.  The Commission on Human Rights receives and reviews funding applications.  If the Commission recommends funding of the activity or event, the City Manager may authorize an agreement with the local organization for funding of the activity or event.  Funding for a program is limited to no more than five hundred dollars per fiscal year.  Activities and events which pertain to the issues of discrimination, diversity, inclusion, multicultural education, and related human rights issues are considered for funding.  The Human Rights Enhancement Program is also intended to encourage collaboration between organizations and individuals concerned with human rights issues and assist them with leveraging other monies in the support of these issues. The program funding is limited to the availability of funds appropriated for the program.


Organizations submitting funding proposals should consider how their program service addresses human rights issues in our community specifically related to Article III, Chapter 12 of the of the Columbia Code of Ordinances (Human Rights Ordinance).


Funding proposals may be submitted at any time and will be considered as long as funding is available.  Proposals submitted by the 15th of each month are considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Commission on Human Rights. The consideration of funding the Human Rights Enhancement Proposal is listed as an agenda item on the corresponding meeting agenda. Submitting organizations are not required to attend the meeting at which their proposal is being considered; however, it is highly recommended that a representative of the organization attend in order to address any questions about the proposal from the commission or staff.