Howard B. Lang, Jr. Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service


The purpose of this award is to recognize a Columbia citizen each year for outstanding volunteer service to the City of Columbia, thereby honoring the memory of Howard B. Lang, Jr., who served as Columbia’s mayor from 1953 to 1957. Service may be as an elected official, someone who serves on a city board or commission, as a City program/event volunteer, or by leading or supporting an effort that benefits the City of Columbia through its departments, services, or programs.

Criteria, application process and selection:

The award recipient will be selected based on several criteria including:

  • Impact
  • Initiative
  • Length of service

Nominations will be accepted for the Howard B. Lang Jr. Award through the second Friday of January each year (some years may have an extended deadline due to calendar days of the week) and can be made by anyone: City staff, citizens, and other volunteers. The City Trust Administrator’s office will make the nomination form available each year and will maintain the files of the submitted nomination forms. Nominations may include letters of support, background material, or other information to demonstrate the work of the nominee.

The selection committee will be made up of a group of five people that will include:

  1. The current Mayor of the City of Columbia or a representative of the City Council as appointed by the Mayor.
  2. A previous mayor of the City of Columbia. 
  3. A City of Columbia staff member as appointed by the City Manager
  4. A board member from the New Century Fund, Inc. 
  5. A citizen appointed by the Mayor 

The selection committee will convene in February of each year to make the selection. A board member from the New Century Fund, Inc. will serve as the committee chair. 


The award will be presented each year at an appropriate time and place, such as the City’s Volunteer Appreciation Event that is usually held in the first half of the year.  Representatives of Howard Lang’s family, past mayors and the current City Council will be invited to attend this event. The current Mayor of the City of Columbia will be asked to make the award presentation. Leo Hill will be acknowledged for his donation to establish this award. 

The award will consist of a plaque and a $1,000 check made to the individual or the organization of the recipient’s choice. Following the award presentation, City staff will make contact with the recipient to determine how the check should be made in cooperation with the Treasurer of the New Century Fund. 


Nomination Form Nominations are due by January 19, 2018 by 5 p.m. and can be delivered to John Baker, Trust Administrator with the City of Columbia, in one of three ways: Emailed to:

By mail to John’s attention at:

City of Columbia P.O. Box 6015 Columbia, MO  65205-6015

Delivered to John at the City Hall Building, 5th Floor, 701 E. Broadway Questions?  Contact John Baker at 573-817-5027.