General Benefit Information

In addition to a competitive, annually reviewed salary schedule, the City of Columbia offers its permanent employees an outstanding fringe benefit package — briefly summarized below.

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  • Retiree Benefit Guide
  • Pay Plans

Tax Deferred Plans

(Tax-deferred plans are subject to IRS rules & regulations)
Section 125 Tax Savings Plan Group Insurance Premiums, Child Care Expenses and Non-Reimbursable Medical Costs are eligible for pre-tax deferral.
457 Deferred Compensation Plan General employees are eligible to defer pre-tax dollars into this plan, and are encouraged to defer a minimum of 2% of salary. The City will contribute a matching amount of up to 2% into a 401(a) plan on the employee’s behalf, for employees covered under the LAGERS pension retirement system.

Group Insurance Benefits

Medical & Dental Coverage Employees and their eligible dependents are eligible to enroll for coverage effective the first of the month following date of employment. The City has a self-funded insurance program, which offers Major Medical coverage, as well as Dental and Prescription Drug benefits. The City pays a specific amount toward the cost of coverage.
Life Insurance Employees and eligible dependents are eligible to enroll for life insurance benefits immediately upon hire. The cost to the employee will depend upon the amount of coverage elected.
Long-term Disability Coverage Coverage available to all employees at no cost.

Post Employment Benefits

Social Security The City and the employee each contribute 7.65% of the employee’s salary to Social Security. This provision does not apply to uniformed Fire personnel.
Supplementary Pension Plan (LAGERS) All eligible City employees (excluding Police, Fire and Railroad employees) are automatically enrolled in the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS) following the first six months of employment. Contributions to this plan are paid in full by the City.
Supplementary Pension Plan (Police/ Fire) Uniformed police and fire personnel are enrolled in their own respective pension plans, which are administered by the City of Columbia. Contributions to these plans are made by the City and the employees.
401(a) Plan For employee’s covererd under the LAGERS pension retirement system, contributions of up to 2% of gross wages are paid by the City into the 401(a) plan. This is contingent upon the employee contributing a like amount into a 457 deferred compensation plan.
Sick Leave Buyback Program Upon attainment of a six-month Sick Leave accrual balance, employees may, at their option, “sell back” a specified number of Sick Leave hours for a pre-determined dollar amount. This occurs on an annual basis.
Other Benefits / Programs
  • Employee Training and Development Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Confidential Counseling and Rehabilitation Program
  • Safety Program
  • Family Leave Provisions
  • Military Leave Provisions
  • Mileage Allowance for Official Business
  • Uniforms for Specified Operations
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Regularly Scheduled Performance-Based Salary Reviews

Provisions For Timeoff

(NOTE: Time-off accruals and provisions vary for some public safety operations)
Vacation Leave:

Employees accrue vacation from the initial date of hire and are eligible to use vacation following six months of employment. Accruals are granted on the last day of each pay period in hourly amounts.
Zero (0) to four (4) years: 3.08 hours per pay period; maximum accrual of 160 hours.
Five (5) to nine (9) years: 3.85 hours per pay period; maximum accrual of 200 hours.
Ten (10) to fourteen (14) years: 4.62 hours per pay period; maximum accrual of 240 hours.
Fifteen (15) to nineteen (19)years: 5.38 hours per pay period; maximum accrual of 280 hours.

Twenty (20) plus years: 6.15 hours per pay period; maximum accrual of 320 hours.

Floating Holidays Four (4) “floating” holidays per year which may be designated by the employee after completion of the first year of employment. A maximum accrual of ten (10) floating holidays is allowed.
Holidays Seven (7) holidays each year.
Sick Leave Employees accrue sick leave from initial date of hire. General employees accrue 5.54 hours per pay period with no maximum accrual. 56-hour employees accrue 9.23 hours per pay period with no maximum accrual. Accruals are granted on the last day of each pay period in hourly amounts.