Healthy Families Home Visiting Program

Want to be the best parent you can be? Would you like to get off to a great start with your child? A home visitor can help!


Before your child is born:

  1. Visit 2-4 times a month with your home visitor
  2. Talk about your concerns, ask questions
  3. Find out about changes you’ll be going through during pregnancy
  4. Make plans to get ready for your baby and for your family’s future
  5. Get the things your baby will need*
  6. Start a scrapbook for your baby
  7. Set goals for yourself that you choose

After your child is born:

  1. Visit every week with your home visitor, until your baby is 6-9 months old, then less often, until age 3 years
  2. Learn what you can do to build a healthy relationship with your child
  3. Try out play and learning activities
  4. Learn what to expect from your child as he or she grows
  5. Regular developmental screens will help you keep track of your child’s development
  6. Learn new parenting skills
  7. Find ways to strengthen your family
  8. Work to achieve the goals you set for yourself

*Healthy Families may provide items such as a car seat, portable crib, diapers/wipes, books, toys, or other items you may need to care for your child while in home visiting program.

Your home visitor will be there to listen, help you find answers to your questions, and to support you in being the kind of parent you want to be!

For more information, please call  573.874.7488.