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When You Swim, Swim Healthy!

Pools and Spas:

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services inspects approximately 150 swimming pools or spas. Facilities that fall under our jurisdiction are public, commercial, hotel/motel and apartment complex pools.

Swimming Pool Codeopens PDF file

  • Each pool or spa must be permitted annually.
  • After the unit has been permitted, it is inspected monthly.
  • Permits may be suspended if minimum standards are not met.
  • The pools and spas are inspected for structure integrity, disinfectant levels, pH level, warning signs and presence of safety equipment.
  • The facilities are checked for cleanliness and maintenance of the grounds, locker rooms and fencing.


Pool and Water Safety Tips:

  1. Never swim alone.
  2. Keep all gates locked or have a cover secured over the pool, when closed.
  3. No horseplay or running.
  4. Lifesaving equipment are not toys. Keep these items in their respective places on the deck.
  5. No food or drink in the pool
  6. Keep glass containers out of the pool area.
  7. No diving in shallow areas.

More safe swimming tips can be found at:

Pool fees: 

  • Facilities operating year around – $430.00
  • facilities operating seasonally – $270.00