Tattoo Establishments

What are the requirements for tattoo establishments in the City of Columbia?

  • Must be inspected and licensed yearly
  • Must follow all guidelines covering tattoo procedures, facility construction and cleanliness, and sterilization and handling of equipment
  • Any individual that wishes to be tattooed must be over the age of eighteen or have signed parental consent
  • The tattoo establishment will provide a disclosure statement and a list of directions pertaining to care of the tattoo
  • To reduce the spread of communicable disease, tattoo artists are required to be immunized against the Hepatitis B disease
  • Tattoo artists must wear latex gloves
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the tattoo areas
  • Other issues that are addressed during regular inspections include proper disposal of single use items, proper sterilization techniques and records, and general cleanliness of the facility and employees

What are the requirements for tattoo establishments in Boone County, Missouri?

Boone County Code of Ordinances


  • Annual permit/inspection fee – $165.00