Residential Appearance Ordinance

As the name suggests, this Ordinance (Chapter 11, Article XI, Sections 11-326 through 11-329)deals with the appearance (aesthetics) of the city. Specifically, it deals only with residential premises within the city limits of Columbia, Missouri.

It has been determined that the presence of certain items detract from the appearance of residential premises.  The city ordinance defines these items and makes it unlawful for them to remain on the premises for longer than 48 hours in any location outside of the residence which can be viewed from a ground location off the premises.  The following are example of violations under this ordinance:


appliances outside

Indoor Furniture

sofa on porch

Building Material/Lumber Not Neatly Stacked

stacks of wood


stacked tires

Read Complete Ordinance List – Sec. 11-327

If a violation is witnessed by an inspector, a written notice is sent to the owner of the property.  Complaints can be filed by calling 573-874-7346 or by e-mailing us.