Weed Ordinance

Weeds or grass over 12” are usually the responsibility of the property owner. This can be handled by calling the weed hotline (874-7339) or the Office of Neighborhood Services (817-5050) with the address or a description of the location. An inspector will visit the site and determine if aviolation exists. If the property is found to be in violation a weed hearing notice will be sent requesting that the owner of the property mow the property or attend the hearing (held 4-7 days after the notice is sent). After the hearing an additional notice will be sent to the property owner giving final notification. If the property remains unmowed a mowing contractor will be sent to mow the property at the owner’s expense. In addition, an administrative fee will be charged.

Exemptions: Wooded areas, conservation areas, drainage ditches and properties zoned agricultural (and in agricultural use provided that a 15′ buffer is cut around the perimeter of the property).

Other Responsible Agencies: State maintained roads, University of Missouri properties and Federal properties are not subject to local ordinances. Complaints regarding these properties will be forwarded to the responsible agencies. They can also be contacted directly if you would like more information on their mowing schedule. Complaints regarding city owned properties will also be forwarded to the responsible department. They can also be contacted directly for more information.

State Maintained Roads – MoDOT 888-275-6636 Local Office 442-4718

University of Missouri – Environmental Services 882-7018

Columbia Housing Authority – 443-8731

Parks & Recreation – 874-6332

City Streets and other City Owned Properties – 874-6289