City Public Health Nuisances

Boone County Nuisances

The City of Columbia has promulgated ordinances controlling the existence of Public Health Nuisances within the city limits of Columbia.  Chapter 11, Article VII, Sec. 11-221 states, “Any offensive annoyances which are discomforting or detrimental to the health or public welfare of individuals or the public shall constitute nuisances.”

What are some examples of nuisances?

  • Weeds or grasses more than twelve inches talltrash
  • Weeds or vegetation blocking streets or sidewalks
  • Dead animals
  • Noxious odors
  • Accumulation of trash or garbage
  • Defective sewers
  • Stagnant or leaking water
  • Open cisterns

How are nuisances controlled?

Citizens call the Complaint line (874-7339), or Health Department personnel observe the nuisance while driving through the city.   A notice is sent to the owner of the property. The notice allows seven (7) days from the date of mailing for the owner or occupant to correct the nuisance.  If the nuisance has not been corrected after the seven days have expired, the matter may either be referred to the Municipal Court for prosecution and/or abated by the City of Columbia.

More About Weeds or Grass Violations

How to make a formal complaint regarding one of the above nuisances

What should you do if you get a notice about a nuisance on property owned or occupied by you?

Please correct the violation.  If you think the notice is incorrect, or if you need more information, please contact the Health Department.

Nuisance Vehicles?