Boone County Nuisances

City Public Health Nuisances

In July of 2005, the Boone County Commission signed into law a Code of Health Regulations.  The purpose of these regulations is to create and maintain a cleaner, healthier community by eliminating health hazards and nuisances.  These ordinances allow for the protection and promotion of public health and safety while preventing communicable disease into Boone County.

County Nuisance Ordinanceopens PDF file

The following conditions are considered nuisances:

Solid Waste Storage

  • Prohibits trash, garbage, derelict appliances, broken furniture, etc. except for temporary storage of such items in closed containers for a time period of less than 14 days

Rat Harborage

  • Prohibits keeping refuse in a condition that is conducive to rat infestation

Growth of Weeds Over 12” High

  • Applies only to properties that are zoned for residential use
  • Does not apply to properties that are zoned for agricultural uses under the zoning regulations of Boone County

Onsite Sewage

  • Prohibits the chronic discharge of sewage effluent above ground and the discharge of wastewater off of the property

Vehicle Nuisance

  • Prohibits derelict vehicles on the premises

What is the process to get nuisances corrected?

  • A phone call to the Health Department with the location of the violation will begin the investigation process
  • The complainant may remain anonymous
  • If a nuisance condition is determined to exist, a notice of violation will be sent via certified mail to the property owner, occupant, and any other party with an interest in the property
  • From the date of notification, a 15 day time period is given to correct the nuisance condition
  • If the nuisance condition remains on the property after reinspection, the County Commission may hold a public hearing to determine of a nuisance condition exists on the property
  • If the Commission finds that a nuisance condition exists on the property, an order for abatement will be issued
  • If the County abates the nuisance, the costs associated with the abatement will be tax billed to the property
  • The parties involved also may be prosecuted in Circuit Court