Onsite Sewage Permit Process

  1. For new single family dwellings, fill out an application at the Boone County Planning and Building Inspection Department, Boone County Government Building, Room 315, Columbia, MO. The permit fee for new construction or an existing home is $335.00 as of January 1, 2016. For repairs of existing systems, contact the Columbia/Boone County Health Department at 1005 W. Worley, Columbia, MO.
  2. An on-site inspection will be conducted to determine site applicability prior to construction or reconstruction of a system.  We will contact you to schedule a site evaluation.
  3. A list of certified installers and certified persons to conduct soil evaluations will be provided by the Boone County Planning and Building Inspection Department or the Boone County Health Department. You must choose an installer from the certified list to work on permitted systems. If you wish to employ an installer not on the certified list, ask them to contact the Health Department for information on certification prior to doing the work.
  4. If a septic system is planned, contact a soil scientist from the certified list to have a soil evaluation conducted. Results will be provided to Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services. The wastewater treatment system is then specified in accordance with the soils evaluation and with the Boone County Wastewater Treatment Ordinance.
  5. A certified installer must install the septic system or lagoon in accordance with the ordinance. NO BACKFILLING IS ALLOWED UNTIL FINAL INSPECTION IS CONDUCTED.
  6. A copy of the permit form is issued to the homeowner after the site inspection has been completed and a review of the proposed plans reveal the system meets the requirements of the Wastewater Treatment System Ordinance.
  7. Neither the Boone County Health Department nor the Board of Review guarantee that permitted systems will function as designed and are not liable for damages.

E-mail questions to: michala.wekenborg@como.gov