Onsite Wastewater Systems

Boone County Wastewater Treatment Ordinance

What is it?

The Boone County Wastewater Treatment Ordinance is the recommendation of a 14 person On-Site Wastewater Treatment Committee appointed by the Boone County Commission to study and propose regulations regarding on-site sewage disposal systems in Boone County. Our county has many failing septic systems because the majority of the county has soils which are incompatible or undesirable for septic systems. Additionally, many of these systems do not have lateral fields as required by law. View the Ordinance.opens PDF file

Why is it needed?

On-site sewage disposal problems in Boone County are the result of decades of unbridled growth in the unincorporated areas of the county. For most of these years, there were no regulations which covered how on-site sewage disposal systems were designed and built. The zoning and building regulations presently in effect were nonexistent in earlier years. State regulations were not completely effective, and did not address existing conditions.

The Boone County Commission has adopted an ordinance for the construction of new on-site sewage treatment facilities construction and for remodeling or repairs of older systems so that eventually the disposal problems in Boone County can meet modern public health standards.

What do I need to do?

Are you:

  • Constructing a new home and planning to install an on-site sewage system?
  • Remodeling or renovating an existing on-site sewage system?

If so, you must apply for a permit. Proposed plans will be reviewed and a preliminary site inspection will be conducted.

Septic tank disposal systems, lagoon disposal systems and alternative design systems must follow published design criteria shown below. These standards are uniform within the State of Missouri and are not unique to Boone County.

Although these design criteria do not guarantee the satisfactory performance of a system, they take into account the latest technology and give a higher degree of success for the proper operation of sewage disposal systems. By using this higher degree of technology for constructing/repairing/remodeling on-site sewage disposal systems, it is the hope that public health and the environment will be protected, real estate home sales will be without the present problems, and persons building new homes will receive a greater satisfaction with on-site sewage disposal systems free from past problems.

System Requirements


Certified Installers and Licensed Inspectors