Guidelines for Outdoor Dining for Permitted Establishments

Authorized By Section 8-104.1 (A) of the Columbia Food Code

  • Permitted food establishments will be allowed to conduct limited preparation activities outside if staff has immediate access to hand washing.
  • A conveniently located, easily accessible hand washing station will be required.
  • If outdoor activities exceed fourteen days per 90-day period, permanent hand washing facilities will be required.
  • For temporary movable operations, a portable container (5 gallon minimum) may be used for hand washing. The container must be equipped with a spigot that will flow until turned off (No push buttons).
  • Liquid soap and disposable towels must be available.
  • Wastewater must be collected and disposed of properly

Permitted activities:

  • Pouring and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from pitchers or large dispensers, i.e. kegs of beer. Beverages must be limited to those requiring minimal preparation.
  • Meats and prepared foods may be served directly from a covered BBQ grill. Meats cooked outside must be in pre-formed patties or pre-cut portions. Foods removed from the grill must be protected from contamination (covered or wrapped) and held at a minimum of 140 degrees.
  • Preparation must be kept to the minimum possible.
  • If flies are present, fans may be used as a control. Screening in the preparation area may be required if other measures prove inadequate.
  • If time is to be used as a public health control, it must be declared in writing. Written logs must be used to track the time food is out of temperature. Foods must be disposed of promptly at the end of 4 hours.
  • Care must be taken as to where on the premises a BBQ grill is located. The Columbia Fire Department must approve the location prior to use.