Responsible Beverage Server Training – SMART

In November 2012, the Columbia City Council approved an ordinance requiring anyone who serves or sells alcohol in the City of Columbia to have a server certificate.

Who needs a Server Certificate?

  • Anyone who serves alcohol at a bar or restaurant
  • Anyone who sells alcohol at a cash register
  • For the purposes of the ordinance, a “server” means any person directly engaged in the retail sale, service, delivery or dispensing of alcoholic beverages. This includes taking orders for, accepting payment for, mixing, serving or assisting mixing or serving any alcoholic beverage.

How do I get a Server Certificate?

  • STEP 1: You must complete the free, online State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training (SMART).
  • STEP 2: Bring your proof of completion (usually a certificate) to Public Health and Human Services at 1005 West Worley. We are open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. There, you will fill out an application and pay the server certificate fee, which is $5 for each new or renewed certificate. If you get the server certificate at the same time as your food handler permit, the server certificate is free. You will pay only the $15 fee for a food handler permit.

How long is the certificate valid?

Server certificates are good for three years from the date it is issued at Public Health and Human Services.

What does the certificate look like?

Server certifications and food handler permits are both photo ID cards. People who have both food handler permits and server certificates will have one card that lists both certifications.

Why do I need this responsible beverage server training?

The Server Certificate program reduces liability for servers and businesses and should decrease underage drinking, binge drinking and over-service to already intoxicated persons. We expect to see less crime, including property damage, assault and sexual assault and fewer alcohol-related accidents, including
nighttime DWI crashes. Server training programs have the potential to lower nighttime DWI crashes by 17%.

What is the penalty for servers who are not certified?

Servers who are not certified may not serve or sell alcohol. Cases of persons serving or selling alcohol without a certificate will be forwarded for prosecution.