Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

Picture of a First Aid Kit

Because Public Health is all around us, Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services routinely works with other agencies to plan against and respond to nearly every type of emergency or disaster. From a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack to an accidental or natural occurrence to an outbreak or pandemic, the staff works with federal, state, and local partners to protect the health and safety of the community.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Functions 

Key functions provided by the department include:

  • Pre-disaster planning: Education to ensure individuals, families and businesses are properly prepared for emergencies.  Did you know you or your organization can request a speaker or packet of information? E-mail us to make a request.  
  • Disaster response: Detection and investigation of the incident and assisting and protecting those affected.
  • Post-disaster recovery: Working with community partners to ensure community returns to pre-disaster (or better) status.

Helpful links for individuals, families, and businesses:

  • National preparedness information from FEMA
  • State of Missouri preparedness information from SEMA
  • Disaster preparedness educational materials: