Teen Outreach Program

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What is Teen Outreach Program (TOP)?

Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is a national evidence-based youth development program that seeks to equip students with the skills they need to be successful.

The program focuses on several topics:

  • Values
  • Relationships
  • Communication/Assertiveness
  • Influence
  • Goal-Setting
  • Decision-making
  • Human Development and Sexuality
  • Community Service Learning

Currently, Boone County has seven TOP Clubs located at the following schools:

  • Jefferson Middle School
  • Hickman High School
  • Rock Bridge High School
  • Douglass High School
  • Battle High School
  • Sturgeon High School
  • Harrisburg Middle School

Each club meets weekly for group discussions, activities, and team building. They also work together to complete 20 hours of service learning. As students are learning life skills, they are able to immediately put them into practice through service to the community.

The TOP curriculum has been tested nationally to be effective and has experienced the following results:

  • Evidence-Based Outcomes (1)
    • 52% lower risk of school suspension
    • 60% lower risk of course failure
    • 53% lower risk of pregnancy
  • Observed Outcomes
    • 60% lower risk of school dropout (2)
      • Sources:
        1. Philliber Research, 2001. “Who Benefits Most From A BroadlyTargeted Prevention Program”
        2. Joe Allen, “Escaping the Endless Adolescent” 2009.

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services partners with the Youth Community Coalition to implement the program locally. TOP is funded by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Boone County Children Services Fund

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