Disease Surveillance

Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services works with community and state partners to detect, control and prevent the spread of human, animal, and environmentally induced communicable health threats. It is important to report these health threats to us because it alerts us to extra efforts or actions which may be necessary to protect Public Health.


  • Monitor and analyze data
  • Investigate reported diseases and conditions, including outbreaks
  • Identify contacts who may be infected or others at risk for infection
  • Determine the incidence and prevalence of the disease
  • Collaborate with community and state partners
  • Provide educational programming
  • Develop prevention and intervention strategies
  • Assist the public in making better decisions regarding their health and lifestyle

Reportable Diseases

In Missouri, the reporting of certain diseases by health care providers is required by law. View the list of required reportable diseasesopens PDF file from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

  • By Phone: Monday through Friday, between 8 AM – 5 PM at 573.874.7356
  • By Secure Fax: We have a dedicated secure fax machine (573.874.7597) for all communicable diseases and conditions, including STD, TB, heat-related illness, etc. If reporting a disease by fax, a CD 1 form MO580-0779opens PDF file must be used.
  • Outside Business Hours: For emergency/disease reporting outside regular business hours, please call the Missouri Department of Health Emergency Response Center at 1.800.392.0272.
  • For Providers: Providers may also use the Missouri reportable disease form to report certain illnesses.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Reports

Communicable Disease Surveillance Reports

Flu (Influenza) Surveillance Reports