Lost Pets

The Animal Control Division of Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services (PHHS) has a contract with the Central Missouri Humane Society.  This contract is for minor veterinary services, along with housing the animals that are in the custody of Animal Control. There is also a free spay and neuter program available to the public.

If you have lost a pet, you may view the pets currently in our shelter below to see if your animal has been impounded by Animal Control. This service is provided through an agreement with the PetPoint Animal Management System.

Please note: ShelterCare insurance and other advertised products or services are owned by PetPoint Animal Management System and are not affiliated with the City of Columbia. The City of Columbia does not endorse the use of these products or services.

View the Ordinance Requirements

Impoundment/Boarding Fee:

  • $20 per day or part of day AND
  • $35 impoundment fee for each and every impoundment
  • $23 microchip & implantation fee, if the animal is a domestic dog or cat that has NOT been implanted with a microchip. The owner must pay the implantation fee, plus the cost of the microchip, BEFORE the animal, is released (total of $23)

Shelter Hours:

To release pets to owners are by appointment.  Please call Animal Control at 573.449.1888 to make an appointment.

Shelter Phone Number:


Shelter Address:

Central Missouri Humane Society
616 Big Bear Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65202
Directions to the shelter

Pets Currently In Our Shelter:

Please see the Columbia, Missouri Lost & Found Pets page on Facebook for postings on pets currently in the shelter.