Fire Marshal’s Division

Welcome to the Columbia Fire Department and the Fire Marshal’s Division. The Fire Marshal’s Division is charged with conducting fire investigations, fire code enforcement, fire inspections, plan reviews, public fire and life safety education, and public information.

The Fire Marshal’s Division is overseen by Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Marshal Brad Fraizer.  It is staffed by five full-time personnel. Battalion Chief Tim Bach supervises day to day operations and is the Deputy Fire Marshal.  Jim Pasley, Kyle Edwards, Mike Bauer and Shawn McGruder all serve as Assistant Fire Marshals.

Assistant Fire Marshals Jim Pasley and Mike Bauer are responsible for the Plan Reviews conducted on new or remodeled buildings to ensure public safety and code compliance. Darla Atkins serves as the division’s administrative support officer.

The Marshal’s Division is located in the Fire Administration Building at 201 Orr Street. You may contact us by calling 573-874-7556 or by e-mail. Fire Marshal Division Shoulder PatchThe Marshal’s Division is responsible for handling the following assignments:

  • Fire Investigations
  • Fire Inspections
  • Code Enforcement
  • Plan Reviews
  • Permits
  • Public Education
  • Public Information
  • Campus Fire Safety