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Outdoor Burning Permits

Review regulations on outdoor burning.

Educational Speakers

The Columbia Fire Department has educational characters, public speakers, fire apparatus and equipment available to visit your classroom, business, club or organization. Topics include but are not limited to life safety concepts, career potential, and code enforcement information. For more information or to schedule a program call 874-7391. We do request 14 days notice, prior to the event.  You can also request a guest speaker on-line by clicking here .

Patches and Pumper PhotoPatches and Pumper

Patches and Pumper is an interactive robotic tool used by fire fighters to teach fire and life safety to audiences young and young at heart. To request Patches and Pumper at your school or event, contact us at fire@como.gov or by calling us 573-874-7391.  You can also submit an on-line request by clicking here.  We do request 14 days notice, prior to the event.


Hi everyone! I look forward to seeing you soon. Remember, test your smoke alarms once a month, know two ways out of your house, have a meeting place, and remember that 9-1-1 is for emergencies!


Tours of Fire Facilities

Your fire department has 9 fire stations strategically located throughout the community to serve you more efficiently. Groups of citizens, students, Cub Scouts, Brownies and other similar organizations can be given tours of the City’s fire stations. Each group will be briefed on the responsibilities of the station, its personnel and the assigned equipment. Such items as cost of equipment and levels and hours of training can be tailored to the group’s needs or age. Fire Safety information can also be integrated into the tour.

Arrangements for tours and additional information is available at 874-7391 Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM. We do request 14 days notice, prior to the event.  You can also make a request on-line by clicking here.

Home Fire Escape Planning

When planning a home fire escape plan, draw a floor plan of your home. Show all windows, doors, halls, stairs and bedrooms. All rooms, especially bedrooms, should have at least two exits. Draw dark arrows on your plan to indicate normal exits. Mark emergency escape routes with lighter arrows. These alternative exits are to be used when normal exits are blocked. Drawing Grid

Test your escape routes. Make sure windows can be opened easily, and that screens and storm windows can be removed from the inside. If your bedrooms are on the second floor, provide folding escape ladders. These ladders can be obtained from local hardware and discount stores.

To account for everyone’s safety, select and list on your plan a definite meeting place outside the house. Do not waste time gathering valuables, pets or getting dressed. Assign someone to assist infants, elderly and handicapped family members.

Be prepared to call the fire department from a neighbor’s house by dialing 911. Give the communication dispatcher the type of emergency, the location or address of the emergency, your name and the phone number you are calling from.

Hold fire drills in your home. Have all family members participate. This will test the practicality of your plan and give you a chance to practice escaping. Find out more.

Safe Kids LogoSafe Kids Campaign

The Columbia Fire Department is an active member and supporter of SAFE Kids.

We do car seat inspections by appointment only. Please call 874-7556 to schedule your appointment. M-F 9-11 and 1:30-4:30 at Station 1.

To learn more about the Kohl’s Safety Store of the MU Children’s Hospital Kohl’s Care Partnership Program, contact:

Coordinator Pediatric Injury Prevention & Safety Outreach at 573-875-9216

You may also visit the SAFE KIDS Worldwide 

Bike Licensing

The Columbia Fire Department in cooperation with the Columbia Police Department offers the service of registering bicycles. Between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, bicycles may be brought to any Columbia Fire station to be registered. The owner will be asked to complete a simple registration form and a registration sticker will be affixed to the bicycle. The registration card will then be sent to the Columbia Police Department. In the event the bicycle is lost, stolen, or recovered, the registration sticker may allow Columbia Police to locate the owner.

Bicycles may also be registered at:

Columbia Police Department
600 E Walnut Street
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 874-7652